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Al Muthanna Movement, Religious face but ISIS policy

by admindiaa


“Exclusive” Euphrates Post

From the beginning, all of those factions whom gathered under the name of “Jeish Khalid” was acually dispersioned, each one was practising his policy according to their Interests within the liberated regions, Almuthana movement which recently working under this name was firstable using a hard to Identify policy, where they was fighting against Regime forces.

But with the passage of days they began assassinations and kidnaping, then doubts began to hover around them, especially after a dispute between them and FSA factions, so that FSA factions began also investigate observe their movements, and according to one of the militants who fled of the movement that: Muthana movement characterized by secrecy, where the information within the movement didn’t pass two persons, of them “Naji AlMasalma” and “Abu Omar Sawaek.”

After observing the elements of the movement following those doubts about their abduction (Jacob Amar) who served Chairman of Daraa Governorate free time, to break out the battles between the free movement, which Muthanna was forced through which to withdraw from the main headquarter of (Glenn town) in the western countryside of Deraa, towards the towns: Nafea and Jammala, the largest center for the ISIS in of Yarmouk basin, which is currently controlled by them.

After a short period of time, it was agreed and formed the “Khalid bin Walid Army” in the western countryside of Deraa in that period clashs was still on-going between the “Yarmouk Martyrs” Brigade againts rebels, and was the beginning of their appearance with ISIS.

The factions of the same order and the common approach gathered together to implement the goals on the liberated side and to work in various ways to ensure the control of new areas. The army of “Khalid Bin Al Waleed” included the “Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade” under the leadership of Abu Ali Al-Bareed, Islamic Movement led by: Naji Al-Masalama (Abu Ayyoub).

Assassinations by the actions of Muthanna Movement:

After the identification of the identity of “Muthanna Movement” shows the extent of the destabilization carried out in the liberated areas of Daraa, has played on several cases: the first of which is the assassinations and the second kidnapping, targeting a number of prominent revolutionary groups in the region and carried out assassinations, the most importatn was.

– Assassination president of the justice court in Horan, Sheikh “Usama AlYateem”, and the vice president of the justice court, Sheikh “Bashar AlKamel”, while the Muthanna movement also proved its involvement in the abductions, while the phenomenon was active, the Yarmouk Brigade, one of the Free Army factions, revealed the identity of this movement through the knowledge of one of the headquarters of the latter, and the finding of “Yacob Ammar,” who was kidnapped under unknown circumstances, who recently served as Minister of Free Local Administration, Died of an explosion in the city of Ankal, carried out by an element of the organization of ISIS, during a meeting of prominent revolutionary figures in that town.

Internal disputes:

Al-Muthanna Movement did not find any way to move towards the areas of influence of the Yarmouk martyrs as a sole solution to get out of the grip of the Free Army, but soon the differences existed with the beginning of allegiance between the martyrs of Yarmouk and the Muthanna Movement. The Yarmouk martyrs accused that Muthanna movement of apostates. which increased the frequency of conflects between the parties.

According to one of the sources: that Abu Ubaida al-Qahtani, who headed the army of Khalid ibn al-Walid, carried out a number of assassinations, among the martyrs of Yarmouk, after his isolation and in cooperation with certain heads, including the Prince of the movement Muthanna “Abu Ayyub”, which made a number of elements of the Martyrs Brigade Yarmouk, arresting Al-Qahtani after the assassination of “Abu Hashim al-Adlabi” the prince of the Khalid ibn al-Walid army and fled “Abu Ayyub” to Turkey.

During the outbreak of fighting in Daraa al-Balad, in the battle “AlMout Wala AlMathala” aimed at liberating Al-Manshiyya neighborhood, ISIS organization in the western countryside exploited this opportunity, launched an offensive and imposed control over the town and began to ban roaming in the towns it controlled.

According to informed sources, it was reported that the organization had urged during the storming of the towns of: Tsil and Sehem AlJolan and Adwan, ISIS killed the wounded fighters of “AlMout Wala AlMathala battle” who were transferred to the medical point in the town of Tsil.

Recently ISIS organization still imposing thier and siege on “Heet” town in the western countryside of Deraa, while a huge fearness status among the town’s sons.

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