A leader in the “National Defense” militia pays royalties to ISIS

by Anas abdullah

Euphrates post/news

Private sources revealed to Euphrates Post that a leader in the “National Defense” militia paid a large sum of money to unknown people who claimed to be from the “ISIS” organization, in exchange for not assassinating him

The sources reported that the leader of the Defense Militia, nicknamed “Abu Rawan,” paid $100,000 to unknown persons toavoid being targeted again

The sources indicated that the leader attempted to ambush the unknown persons with the help of the Russian occupation forces while handing over the requested amount at Mount Tabus near the village of Ayyash in the western countryside of Deir ez-Zor
However, the unknown people discovered the ambush and contacted Abu Rawan again, threatening him if he tried to do this again

It was later agreed that the amount would be placed in the Al Aliwi Al Hamad area in the village of Al Shamitiya, where it was received by an unknown person riding a motorcycle

“Abu Rawan” plays a role in the smuggling operations that take place through the river crossings between the areas of the SDF and the Assad regime, and he was subjected to several assassination attempts months ago, including placing a bomb near his house

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