ISIS and Regime in Yarmouk “The boy mystery of his father

by admindiaa

“Exclusive” Euphrates Post


When we say that ISIS organization that cooperates with the forces of the regime, we see some negative reactions against what is being said. They say that each of them follows a specific approach that he wants to impose on the target group, but what we have found on the ground shows us that the organization is not free from politics. The opportunity to achieve an end.

And the second is the cooperation with Regime to attack the liberated side in Daraa was the policy is the harmony that took place between the organization and the forces of the regime when the factions of the Free Army in the most intense battles in the neighborhood of Manshiyyah with the Regime, where the battle coincided with ISIS organization progress towards liberated villages and the outbreak of clashes between the rebel factions and the organization Clarifies the issue of the targeting carried out by the system by the efforts of aviation that targeted the free zones in many raids.

The “activists” suggested that this synchronization in the battle of Daraa al-Balad and progress of ISIS organization was not an internal decision of the organization, but the majority of it is in line with the system.

Regime’s targeting of the regions of the revolutionaries wasn’t the only incident, but the execution of the so-called Khalid Bin AlWaleed army several times an attack coincided with the presence of a battle against the regime, and not forget also the battles of Quneitra, which was witness to it, but the result was the opposite of urging through confrontation.

The military commander of the Revolutionary Army “Imad Abu Zureik” to Euphrates Post: “that fighting lines are fixed with the organization of a supporter in the western countryside in spite of infiltration attempts carried out by the organization, but all failed and did not make any progress until the moment, pointing to work on the development of military new style, and there will be a battle on ISIS in the near future but can’t be revealed to the planning mechanism now.

Abu Zureik added: “Regarding the issue of cooperation of the regime, the cooperation between the two sides has been clearly demonstrated through the harassment of the FSA through battles with the supporters and the regime forces at the same time. The second is the targeting of the army’s free points on the front lines with the army of Khalid bin Walid cheers.

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