“Friendly fire” kills and wounds Assad militias in Syria desert

by admindiaa

Source: euphrates post

The participating militias in the Russian-backed campaign in the Syrian desert still suffering losses in life and equipment, among a state of confusion and the absence of any clear-cut plan.

Whereas, private sources for Euphrates Post said: “A number of Al-Quds Brigade militia were wounded at dawn yesterday while they were withdrawing from the paved road nearby Al-Bishri mountain”.

The militants were hit this time by “friendly fire”, after groups from the 17th Division of Assad regime, stationed nearby, suspected that they belong to ISIS cells.

In related context, fighter of the same militia “Al-Quds Brigade” was killed yesterday morning, Friday, by a sniper belonging to ISIS cells, in the Sukhna desert, east of Homs governorate.

Meanwhile, a group affiliated with the same militia fell into an ambush set by ISIS cells in the Desert, which led to a number of deaths and injuries and the loss of a number of other fighters.

It is noteworthy that the local militias backed by Iran and Russia include in their ranks about 100 members under the age of 18 who were involved in the recent military campaign in the Syrian Desert.


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