“The Euphrates Post” opens the file .. corruption scandal of humanitarian organizations within the areas of control “SDF” .. “Early intervention” model.

by admindiaa

Once ISIS was expelled from most of the areas it controlled in Deir Ezzor and al-Raqqa until it revealed the magnitude of the great destruction and the fragile humanitarian conditions that required great efforts,

In order to serve the rest of the population of those two provinces, or those who started to return to it, both in terms of the areas under the “SDF”, or control of the regime of Bashar al-Assad and its militias backed by Iran.

Early Intervention, “known as” Erett “, is one of the humanitarian organizations that has gained great favor in SDF control areas to take on a large number of humanitarian projects in the towns, villages and cities of the two governorates,This includes the IDP camps scattered in several areas within it, but this organization has become a model of corruption in the work of humanitarian bodies and organizations within the SDF, as in the case of corruption that has overwhelmed the work of humanitarian organizations in the regions of the regime.

The “Euphrates Post” was able to obtain information and documents showing the magnitude of the great corruption that has degenerated into the body of “early intervention”, which appears to be deteriorating (corruption), because of the lack of accounting so far.

After Al-Raqqa, the International Labor Organization’s “Early Action” organization started its work in Deir Al-Zour on 1 January 2018, and took the center of Al-Kasra in the western village of Deir Al-Zour (Gezira).

Citizens of Deir al-Zour countryside, did not know the existence of an international organization to serve the civilians of the region, only after a period of time, to show that its employees of administrators and workers hide the work of this organization for personal ends, In order to conceal their actions, not to expose their excesses, and signs of corruption that began to decay in the body with the first days of its existence within the areas of control “SDF” in Deir al-Zour.

According to the information provided by our sources, one of the corruption aspects of the “rapid intervention” in Deir El-Zour is the way in which the organization’s employees are employed, with no announcement to hold a competition for this purpose,No one has said that the organization has announced a competition to select qualified staff for this humanitarian purpose, and thus they have concealed the news from the people of the region. The conditions for appointment have not been revealed, and the region has high qualifications, expertise and competences.

According to the information obtained in this area, the appointment was confined to two families (Al-Muhamayd and Bawhamid) who came from the village of Bqiras, which is under the control of the Assad regime (95 km from the organization’s work station) Thus, the “nepotism” was the method used to recruit its cadres, and then its work and agendas (the family of Muhammed has more than 8 employees) and manage its projects.

“Family” rental of vehicles:

“Rapid intervention” The “family” took its approach to its work, including limiting all the work of rented or contracted mechanisms within the relatives and knowledge of staff, and shares are shared in this area in secret.

Examples of corruption related to mechanisms include a competition for the selection of mechanisms and drivers, with mechanisms to contain large-size tanks to deliver water to citizens. It turned out that the contest was fictitious, previously held in secret, and the persons were chosen.

According to the testimony of one of the applicants for the competition for the “Euphrates Post”, after the submission of papers in the contest declared, was not contacted, and after reviewing the status of the organization,He was told that the competition was over and the people were selected, without specifying the reasons for inviting the contestants who exceeded the number of 500 contestants.

Water transport mechanisms:

Several testimonies to the Euphrates Post indicate that the majority of the contracting tanks that transport water to civilians have been working in the transport of oil and its derivatives. This is not suitable for transporting water because of its pollution and the risks of transporting it and causing it to many diseases and epidemics,

 Not to mention the fact that some of these mechanisms have diverted water from contaminated waterways and wells. However, the officials supervising the contracting of these mechanisms have not been held accountable

Water transferred by the “early intervention” contracting mechanisms resulted in outbreaks of internal diseases, the spread of destructive diarrhea among children and the elderly, Resulting in deaths, in addition to the spread of skin diseases, typhoid fever, kidney inflammation and vomiting.

The prevalence of these cases is concentrated in the western countryside of Deir Az Zawr (Jazira), especially in Safira Tahtani, Zogir jazzera, Shati, jazzrat, Hawayj  Baumsa.As a result, cases of illness were reported to the Kasra Hospital and the Muhaimida clinic. Some of the owners died, but the staff declined to give the names of the injured or dead. It was then discovered that some hospital staff and the staff of the Rapid Intervention organization were in close contact.

In addition to the death of one of the displaced people of Muhaimida village (Ibn Hussein al-Adba ‘), who was suffering from diarrhea caused by drinking water from oil tankers.

Priorities, lies and hypocrisy

After a field trip and meetings with displaced people from the town of Al-Mayadin and the neighboring villages east of Deir Al-Zour, it was found that the organization receives 1,500 liras (3.5 US dollars) for each water tank (5 barrels).

It is worth noting in this regard, the complaint of “Umm Khaled”, a displaced woman from the city of Deir al-Zour to Mahimideh station not to give the water provided despite the registration of her name more than once,

Muhammad Ghadeer, a resident of Deir al-Zour, who lives in Al-Kalasah neighborhood in Al-Husan village, said that the organization did not deliver water despite the registration of the names, pointing to the tyranny of kinship relations and personal knowledge in distribution priorities.

One of the displaced people of Shula (a village on the general road Deir Al-Zour – Palmyr away from the center of Deir Al-Zour 300 km)

He is now resident in the village of Safra Tahtani in a camp where he has no services

Told the “Euphrates Post” that his family members were referred to all pharmacies in the village of Safira Tahtani, without receiving the required treatment. After presenting them to the laboratories available in the area, it was found that the main reason was their drinking and use of the water provided by the tanks mentioned.

One of the displaced people of Shula (a village on the general road Deir Al-Zour – Palmyr away from the center of Deir Al-Zour 300 km)

He is now resident in the village of Safra Tahtani in a camp where he has no services

Told the “Euphrates Post” that his family members were referred to all pharmacies in the village of Safira Tahtani, without receiving the required treatment. After presenting them to the laboratories available in the area, it was found that the main reason was their drinking and use of the water provided by the  mentioned.

The question that arises in this area: What is the meaning of the project to transfer water usable by cisterns, most of which were operated by oil and its derivatives,

Where it rents daily and at a very high cost, despite the existence of water pumping stations in all the villages of the Kasra line and need only minor repairs ..?!

Community Communication Team:

Is a team working under the “early intervention”, known by the supporters of the organization as a team consisting of a group of tribal figures and effective people from the region, the population is responsible, and are responsible for supervision and mixing with people, and study their social situation and their need for things and supplies,It is also their task to sit with the villagers to listen to their demands, complaints and needs. The team then reports to the supporting organization. Based on these reports, the supporting organization makes recommendations to the “early intervention” team to implement the projects proposed by the people of the region.

However, according to many residents of the western countryside of  , they do not know the mechanism of selection of the characters of this team, while emphasizing the absence of activities in all villages of the Kasra line, as this organization is working in this line.

After follow-up and scrutiny, it turns out that this team and its members are publishing fake activities on the social networking pages. The pictures show that the meetings are nothing more than meetings with the organization’s employees themselves, not with the residents of the region and promoted.

The black side of this team also, are the backgrounds and history of its members, including


1-Ramadan Al-Muhaimad was an accountant with the State Organization, in addition to his role as an official in the organization’s education bureau before his expulsion from the region. He also worked as a preacher in the Dawa and Guidance Department.

Col. Abu Usama Al-Muhammed, who was appointed by the ISIS as director of Al-Kasra Hospital.2-

. Colonel Ahmed Khalaf “Abu Rami”, a staff member of the Public Relations Bureau of the “ISIS”.3-

4-Abd al-Fattah, nicknamed “Abu al-Nur”, a relative of the organization’s staff.

Civilians from the western countryside of Deir Ezzor, expressing their position on the organization of “rapid intervention” and the corruption that has been adopted, they prefer names such as “non-interference” or “late intervention,” declaring positions rejecting the organization’s modest performance, And the lack of any accounting and follow-up by the international coalition supporting the support of them, to raise dozens of questions about the reasons for non-action to reduce the corruption of the relief and humanitarian organizations within the areas of “SDF”, and then where things will go if the situation remains the same, or evolved To more catastrophic steps ?

It is noteworthy in this context that one of the media sites loyal to the “SDF” had published earlier, a report from the photographer in the town of Kasra in the western suburb of Deir al-Zour,And showed the mechanisms for the settlement of large land area, claiming it is a garden project began to implement, to meet the needs of the population of the region.

“Euphrates Post”, after investigating the reality of this project, which presented the site “jurff News” report about it in mid-April, got information backed by pictures and videos,Confirms that it is nothing more than a fictional project, that it is intended to promote the SDF, and that there is a corruption deal behind it, amid information that is being confirmed and that an international organization might be behind this project.

The information provided by our sources shows that the current situation , which has been presented for more than a month, is a picture of the processes of land settlement and the removal of their waste,Turned into a garage for tanks and vehicles that carry oil to the areas of the system in the peaceful countryside of Hama, after being filled from the fields of Deir al-Zour on the side of which is subject to “SDF”.

The delusional garden project According to media reports, the SDF’s “Deir Ez-Zor Civil Council” is the executing agency without showing the material support for it. We are working to verify the name of the international organization supporting this imaginary project.

It is worth mentioning that the towns, villages and towns under the control of “SDF” in the village of Deir al-Zour (island), suffering from difficult living conditions and services almost non-existent,

There are also dozens of camps that lack services, despite the fact that many months have passed since they were established under the eyes of the SDF and the international organizations operating in their areas of control..


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