In the rush to talk about the end of the “ISIS” .. What about the fate of those arrested?

by admindiaa

With the end of ISIS and its control at its last point (with its continued existence as the approach and thought of many), and in the rush to talk about the endings of the end of the research on the phenomenon of foreign fighters and the future of those remaining, their families, the fate of the succession children and other important issues related to the organization ,

However, more important than all of the above is the revelation of the thousands of detainees who were imprisoned in the detention camps, such as the declaration of his “succession,” which were never included in the agendas and questions.

Over the past few years, until the last few days, we have seen dozens of deals between the coalition and the SDF, the regime, the Russians, the Iranians, the “party” or the opposition on the one hand, and “ISIS” on the other,

However, knowing the detainees’ situation or disclosing their fate was not on the agenda of any of these deals, although many included the release of fighters whose families were organized in battles with various forces.

All those who fought or claimed to fight ISIS were not in the interest or priorities of any of them to set up committees or establish centers to investigate the names of the missing civilians in the organization’s prisons,

Document their names and make efforts to obtain detailed information about them from their families in order to put them in the spotlight in any negotiations with the ISIS or to try to find out their fate through the organization’s leaders and elements held in coalition prisons, the SDF, the Russians, the regime and even the opposition.

Thousands of Syrian families are still waiting for any information to show them the fate of their children, whether they are alive or dead. The families of each detainee feel sorry when the first question of any element or leader of the organization when he is released from his areas of control, Do you regret your joining the organization ?! Or if he wishes to return to his country of origin (for foreign fighters or their family members) ?!

Thus, the case of those arrested by the organization and their fate seems to have been one of the last concerns of the alleged victory over ISIS, and perhaps never existed in its agendas.

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