Deir Ezzor is now…………. a country of grievances and contradictions

by admindiaa


Video of the “SDF” leak of ISIS senior leader Abu Dujana AL-Zer after the announcement of his death a few days ago, which gives his guidance in the battle of the previous organization,

In the same video, another field commander is now in their control, although he is condemned from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet, yet enjoys the thrill of living after his release from prison in SDF area, according to close associates .

Hundreds of ISIS field commanders and commanders roam and roam in SDF control areas in Deir al-Zour and Raqqa, after their release by the latter or after the payment of large bribes, some of which came out under the name of: tribal mediation.

The Kurdish leadership has for years imposed a security cordon on the areas it considers a Kurdish “land” (al-Hasakah and al-Qamishli) to prevent the entry of any person from Deir al-Zour or al-Raqqa. Tens of thousands of civilians have been in camps for more than two years.

Thousands of Syrian women and children face major grievances within the SDF camps or within their communities, on the grounds that some of them were members of ISIS,

And deprived of the lowest services and attention, which led to the death of some of their children, yet they found sons of their people (inside Syria and abroad)

Who compete to justify humiliating and insulting them, and to show their reputation.

In return, for example, not limited to ..

Dozens of SDF arrests have been carried out for days by men and women (about 40 people) and the theft and defrauding of their homes (in Dranj and Suwaidan). One of them was beaten, on the pretext of “ISIS” (their fate is still unknown)

And before it robberies for money exchange and other commercial shops and refoulement in the countryside of Deir Al-Zour in particular, and sometimes to the killing sometimes .. The argument: owners of ISIS.

This happens with poor families whose children have been organized in the past, and families with tribal or material attachments,

She and her sons who worked with the organization had advantages and status of “SDF”, and a blind eye and perhaps some of its members were given advantages by the regime and Iran’s militias, and the richest was for them and their families a greater place .. But outside the country … !!

In the areas of control of the regime and the militias of Iran in Deir al-Zour and its countryside .. Attempts to humiliate the population after humiliation .. People are physically tired .. Psychologically exhausted .. And morally shattered ..

And the attempts of revenge come from the occupiers of its land of soldiers of the regime and Iranians, Afghans, Iraqis and other nationalities.

On the other hand, the revenge of these suffering was also found by some of the “opponents” of the regime, who were shouting boos and rejecting those who remained within the areas of regime control,

Without distinguishing who was forced to have no other options, the majority I believe, and those who remained willingly and lovingly to live under the regime and within his bosom and waist.

If we want to distribute grievances in Syria today, the largest proportion is likely to Deir Ezzor .. !!


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