A political entity of Deir Ezzor suddenly appears and raises fears and questions?

by admindiaa


Suddenly and without warning, a new conglomeration of Deir Ezzor emerge on the media,it called the “Independent Arab Current”. first to be promoted by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which presented in the 17 th of this month a detailed report on the current, its goals and its political figures.

The new entity, did not surprise many Syrians about the timing and support, as much as surprising about the names put forward by it,

Especially its chairman, Muhammad Khalid al-Shaker, a former spokesman for the elite forces headed by Saudi-backed Ahmed al-Jarba, not to mention his other pillars, which included Baathist and media figures close to the regime in the pre-revolutionary period.

Among the questions raised are the reasons for the promotion of the Syrian Observatory to this bloc. Noting that the observatory was a promoter of the ideas and visions of the current head of the movement, Muhammad Khalid al-Shaker, on the constitutional issue in Syria, by publishing the latter’s research in this area earlier.

The new trend confirms that the humanitarian aspect is the entrance to participate in determining the future of the region, as evidenced by the political vision and statements of its president Shaker, who is still the only spokesman for the mainstream in all the media reports that highlighted this entity,Although the information initially disclosed by the Observatory points to the presence of a media spokesman in the name of the current, Dr Mumtaz Sheikh, the former Director-General of the Public Authority, Radio and Television in Syria, has yet to appear. Shaker is the vanguard of the current media interface.

Information received by the “Euphrates Post” from identical sources, stating that this entity began to work only a few months ago, but it has several agendas and goals, some of them announced and the other and most important, not announced.

According to the information, the Alliance stands behind its political support, but funding is Saudi, and therefore came the insistence that the shaker (who is close to Saudi Arabia) is the president and face it, despite the presence of figures more capable of within the bloc and bear great administrative and political skills,Some of whom were pre-revolutionary positions far outweighed by what Shaker, who spent most of his life after 2011 in Egypt, and tried in most of his writings in the Arab media during the past years, support the Saudi position of events, and attack Turkey and Qatar.

According to the information, there were objections got in the beginning to occupy the post of Chakir to the post of current head, but was met with a large rejection of the financier of this entity, Saudi Arabia.

The sources considered that one of the most important objectives of the current trend, the floating of the “SDF” and give its current control over the eastern region, “legitimacy”, through the illusion that the latter allowed the presence of Arab political currents and entities involved in the work in the Arab areas controlled by, and thus, cut the road against Turkey against the Kurdish component Who leads the “SDF”, which calls for handing over these areas to its Arab inhabitants.

A source for the “Euphrates Post”, a strong relationship between the Shakir and the political leadership of the “SDF”, especially Riad Derar, noting that Shaker was one of the participants in the Syrian-Syrian dialogue held by the “SDF” in Ein Arab (Kubani) at the end Last March, and spent several days within the SDF control areas in Syria, before returning to Egypt earlier this month.

Information received by the “Euphrates Post,” also reports that contacts made by the new stream during the past few days with a number of Syrian relief societies operating in Turkey, which has some activities on the Syrian side, with the aim of asking these associations to work within the eastern regions of Syria to be Under the supervision of “SDF”.

The Arab media have touched on the formation of the “independent Arab current”, and the site “New Arab” on Saturday, the concerns of observers from the background of this configuration, including what political analyst Shadi Al-Abdullah said.

“Regardless of the goodwill of many of those involved in this project, it may serve as a result American and Arab efforts to establish political and military structures in the East Euphrates area that are hostile to Turkey,” he said. The Arabs will be in their confrontation, not the Kurds. “


He pointed out that the “SDF” would not allow the birth of an Arab political framework or stream in the areas it controls, without the aim of employing this trend to legitimize its management of the region,

Through the establishment of future partnerships between the parties, so that the SDF remains dominant, being militarily controlled, and enjoys US military, political and financial support, as well as covert support from some Arab parties seeking to “tarnish” Turkey.

Al-Abdullah said that the area of ​​East Euphrates may be the future of new forms of conflict intersecting several parties; local is the Arab and Kurdish elements, As well as the Syrian regime, and externally supported by one of the local parties, such as the United States, Iran, Russia and some Arab countries, pointing out that the current head of the current Mohammed Khaled Shaker, is the spokesman for the “elite forces” belonging to Ahmed Al-Jarba, supported by Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

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