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Deir Ezzor is a turning point in the future of the Middle East

by admindiaa

“Special Euphrates Post”

After the recent changes in the balance of power in the Syrian east, namely the provinces of Deir al-Ezzor and al-Raqqa, and after the continued progress of the Syrian Free Army forces in the south of Syria, ” Eastern al-Kalamoun and Badia”, the combat battalions there are just around the corner from reaching the borders of the administrative district.

On the other hand, the US states and Russian forces, and even their separatist followers of the BKK, YPG, and SDF forces, are taking control of the province of Deir al-Azzor and continue to support and prepare the alliance’s flight from north and northeast to the province.

These developments coincide with the retreat of forces calling for the west of Iraq in the provinces of Mosul and Anbar, where all forces continued to pressure the terrorist organization ISIS at times, and continued withdrawals and agreements with his enemies at other times, even reluctant His soldiers
and security organizations of their slogans as the “Caliphate and adult Islam” Their main concern was the preservation of Deir-Ezzor, especially after the organization ISIS announced its new capital.

“The British Times” published an article entitled “Deir Ezzor: Berlin Middle East”, this time did not miss the term “desert conservation” newspaper headlines, but the writer pointed out that it will see sensitive battles, and that all possibilities are …

The writer devised a similar analogy to the German capital, Deir Ezzor, from the events of the Second World War when the Allies took control of the capital and was a central area of influence for several major armies. The last “tension reduction” agreement did not include the province of Deir Ezzor. The major powers to control the province, and that the victor will control the Middle East, after benefiting from the resources of the province.

A number of field commanders told several factions that everyone should wait for the results of the plans of the countries with the greatest influence within the Syrian territory, in view of the difficult situation, especially after Bashar al-Assad sold Syrian sovereignty cheaply to all sides and contributed to the introduction of more sectarian militias and Takfirin.

Military analysts have pointed out that the reason the regime and its militias cling to any part of Deir azzor, and their keenness to have a foothold in the province, is a sudden awakening to its economic experts and security chiefs, who have long considered Deralzur a poor province with no use to invest its resources. Others said that this marginalization was deliberate and undeclared.

While Iran also seeks to impose its control over the province, “citing the support of Assad,” but its real goal, according to military analysts is to compete with the major powers in the region, to control the province and its wealth, and most importantly, “open a strategic road continued” between Iran’s actual control areas in Iraq, Lebanon.

Iran, Russia and the regime Assad, on the one hand, and the United States and its separatist allies on the one hand, and terrorist organizations ISIS on the other, and all plans were based only on the foundations of military interests and strategies, away from the suffering of the people of the province and the continued bleeding of their children indefinitely.

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