SDF opens Raqqa gates to the dealer of Assad’s regime and ISIS.

by admindiaa

Euphrates Post got an information that SDF allowed one of the trucks of “Qaterji Co.” which prohibited by USA government, allowed to enter the countryside of Raqqa province to buy cotton from the peasants, a source in Raqqa said to Euphrates Post: That the trucks are located at the crossroads of “Tishreen – AlKubar” in the western countryside of Raqqa, some of it loaded with cotton and the other some empty, waiting for what is being bought from farmers in the coming days.
Earlier, Euphrates Post highlighted the ongoing oil trade between SDF and the Assad regime and the passing of dozens of tankers per day to the regime areas over the past months, through the road of Raqqa – Salamiya, and the contractor Qaterji Co. it selve with it’s owner a member “People’s Assembly”, Hossam Qaterji, and his brother Mohammed who prohibited by the American government.
Euphrates Post also obtained further information confirming that the company itself is currently operating in areas controlled by the Regime in DeirEzzor, through its contractors, to implement the so-called “reconstruction projects”.
For weeks, the US Treasury Department has imposed sanctions on individuals and entities linked to the Bashar al-Assad regime and banned US citizens from dealing with them commercially.
Among the people affected by the sanctions were businessmen close to Assad, like Mohammed AlQaterji, and the sanctions extended to his company (AlQaterji Co.) which had previously dealt with ISIS, whether through the oil or food trade.
In this context, it is mentioned that the Assad regime opened a few months ago the “AlQaterji Group” in Aleppo, and gave them a big privileges in investments sector.
The Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection of the Assad regime approved the establishment of the “Aleppo Private Joint Stock Holding Company”, which is owned by investors of the AlQaterji family with a capital of one billion Syrian pounds.
According to the site “economic Syria” in a report published on August 2 last, Hossam Qaterji owns 33% of the company’s capital, Mohamed Baraa Ahmed Rushdy Qaterji owns 34%, and Mohammed Agha Ahmed Rushdy Qaterji owns 33% of its capital.
Hussam Qaterji, born in Raqqa in 1982, heads Qaterji International Group, which includes several companies including Qaterji Real Estate Development and Investment Company, AlBawaba AlThahabiya for Tourism and Transporting, AlThahab AlAbyaz Industrial Co.

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