The Eastern Region Excluded from the Truce, and a “Massacres” looming

by admindiaa

“Exclusive” Euphrates Post

Adopting the of a truce in Syria tomorrow, and a consensus by all the armies in the world on shelling Deir Ezzor under the pretext of fighting terrorism, and the victim again are the civilians of eastern area.

Finaly the the agreement appeared to public, yesterday at 12:00 Am in local time, about a new truce, the agreement including the whole syrian map except almost a half of it, due that ISIS regulation “The enemy of everyone” excluded from this truce, or rather the regulation’s controled areas are excluded.

So the rokets of the international alliance and regime forces and its supporting countries will be gathered to shell the eastern towns and areas of Syria. and because the smart rokets don’t miss its targets of ISIS, a lot of innocent civilians will die everyday.

This ceasefire and hostilities won’t not include Deir Ezzor and Raqqa, where regime and its allies sigh of relief, while most of people there don’t knows the latest news due to lack of communications.

Before a months during the height of the battles that the syrian lands faced, the Russian air forces killed more that 90 civilian in Khsham village in DeirEzzor eastern countryside, while the International Alliance killed other 20 civilian in Bukamal, after targeting them inside Aysha hospital.

For the regime, the martyrs blood had not been dried whom targeted by their warplanes in the northern countryside of the province yesterday.

All of those forces are fighting terrorism which still existing in Syria, all of them will work together in the future, everybody contemplates good from the last truce, “except the sons of death and media’s marginalization”.

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