“Tribal Leaders” Governs DeirEzzor’s Factions, which is the Reason of Dispersion

by admindiaa

“Exclusive” Euphrates Post

Governs the tribal nature since time immemorial in eastern Syria in general, especially in the province of DeirEzzor which its demography consists of a group of clans virginity like Al Ugaidat clans and Bagarah, which is the largest in the region, and does not belong to the folks of the population of the province often is the assets does not return to the region, such as families from the christian minority, and another who are originally Iraq and find a section of Kurds and Armenians.

It has fuelled the Baath regime earlier this phenomenon during the rule of Assad’s father, then continued his son at the same pace when near Most sheikhs, and grant them many privileges in all sectors, and support to access the Syrian parliament, making them eventually just belonging to it, of course, those Senate in the period that preceded the outbreak of Syrian Revolution, were disavowed classes to the majority of the sons of their kinsmen in support of al-Assad either through enlistment in the army of the system, or membership of the Baath Party.

Once the spark the revolution was the first of the overturned on the rule of Assad are the sons of those clans, who destroyed the Operation Iron Fist which wise spiders Baath regime on the Syrian people since five decades of time, and rebelled also have outflanked sheikhs who refused to split from the ranks of the system even after that witnessed the crimes that Assad forces being perpetrated against the sons of tribes DeirEzzor and toward the Syrian people cleric in all governorates.

At this stage the Syrian army may release more than 80% of DeirEzzor province, and the right to considerable losses in the ranks of the forces of order, leaders of the regime and of these Senate reiterated the sustainability of the mediators between the regime and the categories of the people, where it was noted at the beginning of the revolution and the significant role played by those Shuwaikh Project in the output of the prisoners from the prisons of the security branches, in an attempt of the impression to the public that the tribal sheikhs are still with the influence and authority of the unlimited as they were as they should be.

The thing that lose those Senate are also disqualifying themselves from the confidence of their kinsmen, most of them fell after that dominated the language of disarmament military factions in the region.

With returned this tribal nature again to appear in the stage that followed the fall of most areas in the hands of the opposition forces, specifically after their control on the oil and gas resources, which are located in rural areas east of DeirEzzor, where witnessed those areas the control of tribal factions, mostly from the stage of defending the beliefs and the issue and protecting the people from the brutality of the system, to protect oil burners wells and wealth.

During this period a new generation of leaders of these tribes and the warlords, who derive their strength and influence than the oil wells and gas generated from them, and made them following the fighters personal guards, the brigades of the armies to defend and protect them, then they became a place of clan elders and became who order forbid in the region by virtue of their weapons and their militias and their tanks deployed throughout the region.

At the beginning of the year 2014 noon ISIS organization in the region by taking advantage of the internal conflicts within the warring clans on oil resources, to control the reef DeirEzzor later township, supporting the tribes at the expense of the other and returned to reflect that the control by these conflicts on each governorate, the repression of the sons of those tribes and them their powers and their weapons and reintegration as combatants in its ranks in the first recently his control, and then returned to attract Al Shukkari in recently, after it had been previously wear the mightiest a section of the public, but his poli

cy toward them after making sure that the nature of demographic DeirEzzor differed radically from the rest of the areas of influence of the reorganization.

After that went out all the factions of the free army that fought the regulation in the province to the eastern alqalmon scores the formation of black army, which includes all factions DeirEzzor to all the people of the region, has also formed other factions DeirEzzor citizens who went out from the province after the control of ISIS, accelerated later events to cover several factions of the army of Montenegro and go to go on free ranks in the north of Syria.

Bringing the census of the factions of the sons of DeirEzzor fighting the Assad regime and ISIS regulation of more than twenty factions, most of those factions supported by the international coalition forces and the neighboring countries in the Gulf, but despite all this did not succeed any initiative for the unification of those factions, after several attempts of activists and politicians became more than impossible because of the Division of the factions on the basis of the tribal and non-concession faction leaders of some of them to Liberate DeirEzzor from ISIS and Regime forces.

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