With the onset of summer .. Problems of water stations in the countryside of Deir Ezzor worsened

by admindiaa


Although several months have passed since the expulsion of the ISIS and the formation of an alternative local council, the civilian sector is one of its main tasks. However, the villages of Deir Ezzor under the SDF still suffer from several service problems,Over the past few days, the problem of drinking water, which has become increasingly needed after the summer season, has been particularly prominent.
The most obvious example of the problem of the weakness of the service with regard to the provision of drinking water to the population, what is happening in the villages of Deir Ezzor West (al- Kasra), which, according to the correspondent, “the Euphrates Post,
Within each of the villages scattered in the area, there is a water station, but can not meet the needs of the population, for several reasons, the most important absence of technical staff, and the absence of filters (filters)
In addition to the absence of alterations in the ponds , not to mention the absence of technical observers to follow up work within these stations.
Our correspondent quoted a number of workers inside the stations as saying that the maintenance has been absent from the water stations in the western countryside since the expulsion of “ISIS”, pointing out that the problems that are emerging now as well,The absence of diesel fuel for the operation of water engines, which led to the remaining workers to collect the value of diesel fuel of civilians living in the area, and the amount of 1000 syria pounds per house.
In this context, the village of Safira Tahtani is benefiting about 2,500 houses, whose population pays more than 2 million liras per month (without any official receipts). The SDF local council of Deir Ez-Zor regularly makes statements and provides false information , According to which water is provided to the population free of charge.A source for the “Euphrates Post” confirmed in a related context, that chlorine is not found in water plants, adding that this happens despite the presence of this substance in large quantities in the Services Committee in the local council of Deir Ezzor.
The negative reality experienced by the population as a result of the near absence of drinking water plants is continuing, despite the months of putting the problem on the table of the local council of Deir Ezzor,Dr. Ghassan Al-Yousef promised to repair all the stations, maintain them and provide the fuel oil and chlorine and supervise the work, after the outbreak of internal diseases and diarrhea is bloody and watery, due to the absence of safe and sterile water.
It is indicative of the reality of the water situation in the countryside of Deir Ezzor complaints received from a number of residents of the villages of the Western Line, which confirms the absence of the attention of the Civil Council suffering from the failure to deliver water to their homes,Despite the collection of 1000 thousand of each house, noting that the stations are operated once a week, and for only 3 hours.

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