Iranian militias disguised as “Fifth Corps” east of Deir Ezzor .. Sources confirm: 3 reasons behind this step

by admindiaa

Euphrates Post obtained information that the militias fighting with the Assad regime forces in the eastern village of Deir Ezzor had changed the insignia that were fighting in its name, and had instead placed insignia for the regime’s forces.
According to sources in the region, who asked not to be named, the militia elements in the city of Bou Kamal and the surrounding areas, they began wearing uniforms of the regime forces, with a badge “Fifth Corps” to mislead the calls for the withdrawal of Iranian militias from Syria, which escalated In recent weeks.
The sources speculated, choosing to claim affiliation to the Fifth Corps, without any other formations within the military forces of the regime,Because this corps, originally formed about two years ago, was intended to include all the local militias fighting alongside the regime’s forces. The regime would recently begin to include militia elements of other nationalities, whether Afghan, Iranian, Iraqi or Pakistani.According to the same sources, Iran’s move in the region indicates its willingness to pay attention to the international pressure calling for its withdrawal from Syria on the one hand,
On the other hand, it demonstrates the regime’s inability to re-establish its influence over the areas it regained control with the support of its Russian and Iranian allies, without the survival of the multinational militias it has supported over the past years.
The sources also pointed out that another goal of this step is the desire of Iranian militias to avoid any Israeli air strikes that might target them, as was the case in other areas of Syria.According to the information, the regime has also begun to grant military identities to Hezbollah and other Iranian-backed militias, such as those given to Syrian fighters in its forces, in conjunction with their uniforms.
It is noteworthy that the “Fifth Corps” issued the Assad regime decision to form in November 2016, and according to the text of the decision to form, the Corps will be a “male volunteers, Provided that they are under the age of 18 and are not charged with serving or leaving science, and that they are fit for health. ”
The Iranian move comes in the Syrian east, to what it has done in southern Syria over the past few days, according to activists in the region.
According to the information provided by activists in the south of Syria, elements of the Iranian-backed Hezbollah militia have redeployed in an area such as death (the confluence of the rural areas of Daraa, Quneitra, West Damascus) and Quneitra,
And that the elements wore the uniform of the Assad forces (the Republican Guard and the Fourth Division), and were given identities such as those given to the fighters in the Assad forces.

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