Tribal allegiance to a field commander in the “SDF” is controversial.

by admindiaa



Ahmed al-Khubail, head of the Deir al-Zour military council of the “SDF”, is the ruler of the clan.

The “Euphrates Post” received a video showing the allegiance of a number of clan elders to the fictional characters, and played a negative role in the region, especially after joining the “SDF”.

Belief has raised controversy among the people of the province and its activists, and raised many questions, whether in timing, or content and implications ..? Especially since the pledge spread out of Syria to include tribal figures present in Turkey, loyal to the Turkish government and adopt its official position against the SDF, such as Sheikh Abdel Aziz Hamadeh, a member of the tribal council supported by Turkey, and got “Euphrates Post” Hamada sold to Ahmed Al – Khubail.

It is noteworthy that tribal customs known in the region, that the choice of the prince of the clan of one of her elders after the death of the sheikh of the clan, and thus the allegiance to Ahmed Al-Khubil belonging to the family has no history in the Sheikh, the first of its kind, and is one of the few loyalty that gets You agree to the allegiance of a clan leader and its leaders at home and abroad.

Known as “Abu Khawla al-Bakir”, he is known as a figure who has since the beginning of the revolution to spread tribal strife in the region, and had a role during the control of “ISIS”, when he helped them and incite against the people of the eastern region, before joining the ” SDF “, which did not pay attention to its history in the practice of arming and robbery, or its support for the organization.


“Abu Khawla” was also known for his tribal hostility to the children of Shuaitat and other tribal components, including Albokamel.

According to information obtained by Euphrates Post, Abu Khawla, after joining the SDF, attempted to carry out raids inside hostile areas in the countryside of Deir al-Zour, threatening its population with US forces, With great support, and that it is in the process of arresting and holding accountable anyone who stands in his way.

It is also noteworthy that after the “SDF”, “Al-Khubail” issued assurances to all elements of the ISIS of his region and his tribe (the Boukhabour line) and granted security to all those who wished to return, contrary to the strictness in the areas of Deir Ez-Zour In which he tried to liquidate many of the old tribal differences, through the argument of fighting “ISIS” and the elimination of its cells.

Al-Khubail has no military background or scientific credentials. He is known to have been a motorcycle thief and has brother a loyal of Assad regime r, and has worked together to rob and blackmail civilians in the area.

Al-Khubail was accused by International Coalition for the killing of a former Free Syrian Army commander, Hamid al-Abub, nicknamed Abu Najm, after being kidnapped by another person.

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