The daily summary of Euphrates Post, June 27, 2019

by admindiaa



General situation:

The eastern countryside witnessed tension over the killing of the leader of the Hagin regiment, while a helicopter flight of the International Alliance was spotted over the Jafra oil field in the new town of Akidat in the eastern suburb of Deir al-Zour this morning.

A civilian from the town of jadid Akeidat was killed as a result of the explosion of a landmine left in the house of Juma al-Fayyad al-Gazabir in the town today.

The correspondent of the Euphrates Post reported that unknown elements in motorcycles stolen four cars of the type of food loaded with food in the town of jadid Akidat yesterday.


Field Situation:

Three months have passed since the declaration of the judiciary “geographically” on the “ISIS” in Syria, but the organization carried out during these months many steps that he sought to say that it still exists, where four elements of the Assad regime, including a member of the town of Bqrous , Following the attack by elements of the “state organization” on the town’s desert last night.

Euphrates Post correspondent reported that all reports of deaths from clashes between the Iranian militias on the one hand and those of the Assad regime on the other in the town of Al-Mayadeen during the past few days were unfounded.

“The SDF” led by Bassam al-Khater at about 10 am today launched a raid against a group of ISIS elements headed by Murad, who was holed up in the Hawamah neighborhood of Hajin City. Negotiations between the two sides continued for about two hours. SDF fighters surrendered and during the negotiations an armed clash broke out between the two sides led to the killing of four members of the body and three elements belonging to the state organization, one of them Sudanese nationality, in addition to one of the former members of the organization and was beheaded and wander around the city by SDF elements, Post Video showing the body of Murad Ali Dabbas, an element of the ISIS by SDF elements in the city of Hajin, on the background of the killing of the commander of the hybrid battalion of “the Qadas” Bassam Khater today afternoon.

In the town of Deir al-Zour, east of Deir al-Zour, east of Deir al-Zour, there were heavy gunfire by SDF elements accompanying ambulances transporting wounded members of the SDF. And headed to the hospital of the city of the devil.

The coalition forces carried out an aerial landing yesterday night targeted a house in Hawi town of Dheban and arrested two people from one family, and arrested a number of civilians after a raid carried out by “SDF” in the town of Suidan Island.

In northern Syria, field sources said that the Assad regime forces targeted the Turkish observation post with heavy artillery in Shir Mughir, in the northern suburb of Hama.


Economic situation:

The value of the Syrian Pound against the US dollar in Deir Al-Zour, recorded the dollar today

Buy $ =594 Selling $ =599 .

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