Through a partnership between Al-Qatirji and Shakra … “Ahrar al-Sharqiya” is preparing to supply the regime’s regions with wheat

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Through a partnership between Al-Qatirji and Shakra … “Ahrar al-Sharqiya” is preparing to supply the regime’s regions with wheat According to private information obtained by the “Euphrates Post”, that Fawaz Al-Bashir, one of the pro-Russian tribesmen in Deir Ezzor, attempts were made by him to mediate between Abu Hatim Shaqra, leader of the “Ahrar AL-sharkia” and The Al-Qatirji Company, which is affiliated with the Assad regime, to import wheat from the opposition-held north of Syria into the regime’s control areas.
According to a private source, a call took place yesterday, Thursday, between al-Bashir and Shakra, which resulted in the latter agreeing to supply wheat to the system,
Stressing that the implementation of the agreement will be through his brother, who will accompany the shipments to the last area subject to the opposition, to be received by the Qatirji militia.
And the source indicated that the nominated information indicates that the communication between the two parties was not the first of its kind, and there may be contacts and preliminary agreements that occurred between them before reaching the last agreement related to wheat.
The regime is suffering from the flour insurance crisis within its control areas, which led to its inability to secure sufficient quantities of bread, and its new cooperation with Chakra comes on the way to resolving one of the most prominent crises it is currently experiencing.
It is noteworthy that Fawaz Al-Bashir is known for his pro-regime stances, and he is the cousin of Nawaf Al-Bashir, the leader of the militia “Lions of Syria”, and one of the figures supported by the Russians in eastern Syria.
He played roles in returning many soldiers and civilians from the people of Deir Ezzor to the bosom of the regime.
Abu Hatem Chakra has been involved in many crimes, support for terrorism and transgressions over the past years, according to what “Euphrates Post” documented earlier.
“Shakra” is described to residents of the regions where his military faction operates; “octopus”, due to the multiplicity of his actions, his excesses and violations that covered many fields.
The “Ahrar al-Sharqiyya” is accused of many violations, including killings for revenge, war crimes, attacks against civilians, blackmail and insulting their dignity.

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