Threats affect media activists in areas of control “SDF” .. The charge “Euphrates Post”

by admindiaa



In a continuation of the violations against journalists, the director of the SDF Media Center, Samir al-Diri, threatened to arrest and hold all those working for Euphrates Post network within the SDF control areas, demanding the arrest of all those who proved his dealings with the network Media professionals.

Euphrates Post received information that Al-Diri said in a meeting with a group of media representatives in the SDF control areas of Deir Al-Zour and Al-Raqqa that anyone dealing with the Furat Post network would be handed over to SDF security authorities. , Stressing that it is forbidden to work in Raqqa and Deir al-Zour, and that it is not allowed to cover the news of the area without obtaining approval from it.

Euphrates Post has regularly covered the news in SDF control areas and documented violations, as it does in several Syrian areas, including areas under the control of the Assad regime, while retaining the right not to disclose the names of its correspondents and journalists inside Syria For fear of their lives.

SDF has allowed a limited number of local media outlets to operate within its areas of control,


Such as “Jarf News” and “Shoufi Mavi” and “Radio Rosne”, not to exceed the public line dictated by it, and thus forcing it to put forward its vision of events, and to allow to highlight violations only within a narrow and limited.

Euphrates Center for the Prevention of Violence and Terrorism has earlier called for Samir al-Diri to be held as a war criminal and brought to justice for being a former ISIS security officer and director of one of its media centers before joining the SDF.

As ISIS entered Dirazur in 2014, Deiri joined the ISIS as a media outlet, and began to commit abuses against civilians and anyone opposed to the organization as well as extortion and intimidation of civilians.

Samir al-Diri had 6 brothers in the ranks of ISIS prior to his collapse. They were assigned security, military and media duties. In addition to his uncle Eid al-Diri, who is also one of the ISIS administrators in the Khasham area. The latter escaped from the organization’s areas of control to SDF control areas. Last.

Al-Diri is known for his hate propaganda and killing of civilians in areas of influence of the regime’s forces, in addition to his constant threats to the media of the region to kill and arrest.

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