Threat of retaliation………..Baghdadi reappears

by admindiaa


Having been His absence since 2014, the ISIS leader appeared on Monday suddenly in a video recording by ISIS al-Furqan Foundation, The version bore the name: “In the hospitality of the Emir of the believers

Al-Baghdadi appeared in the video, which was about 18 minutes, addressing three men hid and their faces, and talked about the battle of the Baguoz, which he said ended, “but our fight with the enemies continues,Threatening to avenge the recent defeats of the organization, which he acknowledged by saying “God ordered us to jihad and did not order victory.”

Al-Baghdadi also praised the organization’s leaders who fought in the recent battles in eastern Syria. He also talked aboutpledge of loyalty

to some groups in African countries, concluding with praising the perpetrators of the attacks in Sri Lanka and calling for intensification of attacks, especially in France.

In the video, al-Baghdadi shows a long white beard,The edges of his beard are henna

With a black handkerchief on his head, and the ground, along with others, and noted the implementation of the supporters of the organization 92 operations in 8 countries in retaliation for what happened to the fighters in Syria.

Baghdadi began to be in good health and showed no sign of illness or fatigue, which negates previous accounts of serious injuries, adopted by Russia and other forces involved in the war in Syria. SDF announced on 20 March that it had taken control of the Baguoz camp, the last of the ISIS-controlled enclaves east of Dier Ezzor.

The organization controlled vast areas in various areas of Syria to end areas of control after the launch of military operations intensified by the forces “SDF” supported by the International Alliance.

Perhaps the most prominent results of the military defeat of the organization in Syria are the differences between leaders and currents, and several calls within the organization to remove their prince, “Baghdadi” from office and hold it responsible for the failure and defeat suffered by the organization.

Earlier, “Abu Mohammed al-Hashemi,” believed to be a relative of Baghdadi, a book entitled “palm hands on the pledge of al-Baghdadi,” he called mainly to undermine the pledge of al-Baghdadi and remove him from the post of Caliph.

The book mentioned the practices of the organization and its inner secrets where it seems that the writer was actually close to the decision site in the organization and knows what is happening inside of the hidden,The writer also spoke about the control of what the “Iraqi extremists” control over power in the organization through their control of the commission, the highest authority in the ISIS.

Baghdadi, 46, is an Iraqi national and his real name is Ibrahim al-Samarrai. He split from al-Qaeda in 2013, two years after the killing of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

Before his cameraman’s appearance today, the last public photograph of al-Baghdadi, as he ascends the minaret of the Grand Mosque of Nuri in Mosul, 2014, proclaims the establishment of the “Caliphate State” and calls itself a “successor”.

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