The leaders of the “delegated committee” are fleeing the ISIS control areas and three personalities are leading ISIS now.

by admindiaa

How many ISIS members remain within its control areas? Where did its leaders go?
Euphrates Post learned from identical sources that the last few weeks have witnessed the flight of leaders from the first row in the ranks of “ISIS” out of areas of control.
According to our sources, the members of the so-called “Commission delegated”, which was leading the organization administratively and militarily in the absence of a clear leader of the ISIS, “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi” for more than a year, and the number of about 30 leaders, mostly from the Syrian and Iraqi Sunnis, ISIS control areas.
According to private information obtained by Euphrates Post, on December 16, some of these leaders fled and surrender themselves into “SDF” claiming to be Iraqi civilians, most notably brothers Mohammed (Hamoudi) Akab Khader Nasser Al-Nathami, And Saif Akkab (from Hit district), who are currently in Al-Hol camp for the displaced.
Other leaders also fled via smuggling routes between the town of Shaafa on the jazzera bank and the Sayal in Shamiya bank. A large sum of money was paid to an officer of the Assad regime forces, who were taken to the depth of the desert.
According to the information obtained by the Euphrates Post, the current leader of the organization in the remaining areas under his control is only three persons: the governor or the commissioner’s commissioner, known as Hajj Tayseer, an Iraqi national (50 years) , Abu Hamza al-‘Araqi, 42, and Abu Omar al-Shami, a Syrian national, are coordinating the ranks of the organization. They move between al-Sousse, al-Mashrabah, al-Safnah, al-‘Arqub and al-Babbouz Fawqani.
As for the new control map, the SDF is far from being able to control the city of Hajin, the largest stronghold of the ISIS. It continued its advance and took control of the village of Al-Kashma,
And then to the outskirts of the village of Boubdran in the province of Sousse.
As for the Iraqi border, the SDF reached the Bu Kamal bridge on the Euphrates River, near the village of Al-Bagouz Faqani, thus keeping the organization only in the area of ​​Al-Sousse, and the villages of Al-Boubader, Al-Arqoub.
About 600 ISIS members and their families surrendered when the SDF arrived at the outskirts of the town of Shaifa
In an agreement stipulating that the latter would not enter the Shifa and other areas of control of the organization, allow the exit of civilians and the introduction of “SDF” foodstuffs into Sousse, but “SDF” broke the agreement and continued the battle.
On the other hand, ISIS has assembled its detainees in the town of Al-Sousse, which were assembled over the past three years from its prisons in Deir al-Zour and Iraq,
ISIS officials refuse to release them without trial and a decision by the magistrate, which is not currently available, making the fate of the detainees at risk, amid fears of mass execution or unknown fate, as happened in the city of Raqqa more than a year ago.
It is noteworthy that the “ISIS” was released on 6 January released the detainees of minor irregularities, or the so-called “ISI” legitimacy of the irregularities of smoking and dress, which did not go to detention for weeks or two months at the latest.

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