The daily summary of Euphrates Post 19 June 2019

by admindiaa

General situation:

The Democratic Council of Syria (SDF), the political arm of the SDF, held a meeting yesterday with some of the elders of the eastern villages of Deir Ezzor in the city of Hajin regarding the future of the areas that were recently controlled following battles with ISIS.

Kanaan Barakat, joint chairman of the internal affairs committee of the Democratic Party of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), said

Said that the main causes of fires in agricultural crops in the areas of control “SDF” during the past few weeks are due to the same agricultural machinery and weather conditions such as lightning and some sheep herdsmen as he put it.

The Deir Ez-Zor civil council of the SDF, represented by the Services and Municipalities Committee in the town of Kasra, opened a waterway on the Kasra-Rigga road. The project was executed at a cost of one million eight hundred thousand Syrian pounds according to Deir Al-Zour Civil Council. In the town of Ain Issa in the countryside of the northern Raqqa ordered the formation of a control and inspection committee headed by Ahmed Ayed al-Khalaf, one of the officers who split from the Assad regime in 2012 mission to detect corruption rampant in the Deir al-Zor civil council since its inception.

The Democratic Party of the Democratic Party of Syria (PKK), the Syrian arm of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), announced yesterday the names of six Syrians killed during a Turkish bombardment targeting the PKK strongholds in the Qandil mountains in Iraq as part of an official celebration in the city of Qamishli.

Names of the dead:

1. “Abdullah Hassou” The name of the movement “Khubat Azadi”

2. “Mirjam Burger” The dynamic name “Holler Rupar”

3. “Ali Saleh” The dynamic name “Shorsh Peritan”

4. “Mahmoud Qour” the name of the movement “Ali Sherna”

5. “Nesreen Tarboush” The dynamic name “Rujinda Abbas”

6. “Dilma Esau” is the kinetic name “saccharine”.

Dozens of children were poisoned in Karama as a result of drinking polluted water in Raqqa countryside.

Euphrates Post sources also reported that all reports of the death of a female student during the examination at the Aziz Matar Al-Sumair school in Deir Al-Zour were unfounded. The student was in a fainting state and was taken to the hospital for later discharge.

A field source said that the director of the school of the village of Ashtaman teacher Ahmed Mukhlaf died today while participating in the extinguishing of fires burning agricultural land in his village of Brive town of Qahtaniya in the city of Hasaka.

Field Situation:

“SDF” launched this morning a campaign of raids and arrests in the village of al-Nimilah, where the entrances of the village were closed from all sides and a number of gunmen managed to escape through the agricultural land. It is noteworthy that the village of Nemiliyah and the village of Abu al-Naitel witnessed a tribal dispute a few days ago, Number of people and the burning of some agricultural crops.

In addition, members of the “SDF” surrounded a house in the city of Al-Shehail in conjunction with the flight of the helicopter and the war of the International Alliance over the cities of Al-Rigga and Deir Al-Zour. It is noteworthy that the military police barriers of “SDF” launched a campaign of arrests, They were transferred to the Self-Defense Center.

They also raided the house of Ibrahim al-Madad, a former arms dealer. He was not found in the house and one of the SDF operatives was arrested. And his cousin (Ibrahim Kamel almusleh) civilian happened to be at home during the raid,

It is noteworthy that the operation carried out by the ground forces of the International Alliance with the presence of a number of translators and elements of intelligence #YPG.

The SDF launched a raid targeting the area of the crude oil crossings in the town of Al-Shuhail in the eastern suburb of Deir Al-Zour, to the areas controlled by the Assad regime, where the elements opened fire on civilians at the crossing, injuring some of them.

To the north of Syria, 7 civilians, inc

luding women and children, were killed and others wounded as a result of raids by the regime’s air force on the town of Benein, in the village of Buref Idlib.

Economic situation:

The value of the Syrian Pound against the US Dollar in Deir Al-Zour, recorded the dollar today:

Buying $ 1=597 Selling $ 1=592.


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