How did the “SDF” mobilize one of the characters to circumvent the demands of Arabs in the countryside of Deir Ezzor?

by admindiaa


Although months have passed since the expulsion of the ISIS from them, Deir al-Zour still occupies a prominent place in the forefront of the Syrian event, with the multiplicity of local, regional and international forces that it wishes to control, recognizing that the province in the east of the country is an important During which each party will impose its presence, vision, agenda and conditions in the region.
Deir al-Zour today is no longer an important paper for the conflict in Syria, but has become a basic card and a means of “arming” the conflicting forces, assisted by its geographical location and large area, its tribal environment and its population, and its agricultural and agricultural resources.
Last Thursday, June 13, 2019, the Omar Al-Omar oilfield in Deir Ez-Zour hosted a meeting of the International Coalition, represented by the United States of America, through the Assistant Foreign Minister, Jules Rabion, and attended by the Saudi Minister of State for Gulf Affairs (former ambassador to Baghdad) And a number of tribal leaders in the region.
This meeting followed protests in the areas under the control of the SDF in the village of Deir Al-Zour in the past few weeks, and raised slogans calling for activating the Arab role in leading and managing the region, improving the basic services of the population, fighting corruption and raising Kurdish loyalty to the region.
According to the leaked of this meeting, one of the objectives that led to the meeting, to discuss support for the stability of the region, and enable the Arab component of the management of its regions.
A special source told Euphrates Post that according to an advance plan by the Kurdish leaders of the SDF, the Arab representation in the meeting was reduced to some tribal dignitaries, with the exclusion of academic, cultural and social activities and activists from the region in order to portray the Arab component as a weak, For the leadership and management of the region in general, which supports the theory of Kurdish guardianship.
According to the source, the main player and mastermind in this game, Ghassan al-Yusuf representative of the “SDF” in this meeting, which tried to inspire the participants that they are opposed to the Kurds and their policies in the region, knowing that they are known to exploit the positions of local administrations in rural areas, The jobs for his relatives and acquaintances, and his implementation of the Kurdish leadership’s agenda for the SDF.
The source pointed out that the SDF was quoted as saying by one of the leaders of the Shata’at during an extensive meeting to discuss the structure of the Deir al-Zour civil council. “Ghassan is the ruler of Deir al-Zour and we do not accept the bargaining.
Deir Sour village, according to our correspondent, according to the residents of the region, were limited to representatives of the pro-leadership of the “SDF” Kurdish, and supporting the implementation of the agenda of the “Kurdish People’s Units” controlling the decision “SDF”, without any interference from the International Coalition, From the region to watch the marginalization of Arabs within the areas controlled by the “SDF”, without understanding the reasons for the negative attitude of the coalition in this context, albeit a deliberate approach, or ignorance of the reality of the region and its local and demographic nature.

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