Suhail al-Mustafa – from Germany runs an army of Islamic caliphate

by admindiaa

Special – Euphrates post
In early 2015, Euphrates Post published information on the arrival of the leader of the Jund al-Rahman Brigade, Amer al-Naklawi, who was loyal to the ISIS to Europe with many of his soldiers after committing war crimes against the civilians in the eastern region. Among these soldiers was Suhail al-Mustafa, In the eastern countryside and then alleges the organization with the “Brigade Jund al-Rahman” to be then the commander of the brigade transferred by smugglers from Turkey to Europe to complete his work as a supporter of the organization media under the roof of neutrality also speaks publicly he and his brother Ahmed Mustafa.
The German authorities did not take any action against Mustafa and his brother or even Nqalawi commander of the Jund al-Rahman Brigade and returned to the Naklawi to Turkey for months after the delay of the asylum application submitted to the German government.
Suhail al-Mustafa has published publications on his personal account provoked by the rebels of Deiralzour and describes them (dogs and women and Western customers), and even glorifies the soldiers of the ISIS, and many of the people of the province to respond to them on their personal pages.
Among the people who responded to him were several members of the Euphrates Post group and two other well-known activists at the level of the Syrian revolution. Several hours later, a campaign of organized statements led to the closure of the accounts of activists and a ban on other accounts
After following up this situation, it turns out that Mustafa runs a section of the Caliphate Army responsible for secretly promoting the terrorist organization ISIS with his brother and one of his relatives in the Turkish city of Istanbul, and we can not reach him because of his use of many fake accounts.

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