From the ISIS to the Syrian regime .. Deir al-Zour to a new occupier

by admindiaa

The city of Deir al-Zour woke up on Friday to a new occupier, after the regime and allied militias managed to control the remaining neighborhoods under the control of ISIS.
In a record period (within two weeks), the regime and militia forces managed to control about 60 percent of the city of Deir al-Zour, after having been unable to control the neighborhood of one of these neighborhoods for more than five years.
In the past hours, the regime and militias have moved into Al-ourdie and al-Hawayqah neighborhoods and the rest of Sheikh Yassin to announce in an official statement their control over the entire city. Information for Euphrates Post reported that there was resistance from the northern part of the city to some local fighters affiliated with the ISIS
During the past two days, the Syrian regime targeted Deir al-Zour with dozens of air strikes. The artillery and surface-to-surface missiles also shelled parts of the city, causing heavy damage to its buildings and the killing and wounding of a number of civilians.
Most of the remaining civilians have been displaced in neighborhoods that have been under duplicitous control in recent months because of the intense aerial bombardment of their areas, and an estimated 900 remain unable to leave, besieged by the regime and militias after blocking all the city’s entrances.
According to the latest information received by Euphrates Post, the remaining civilians gathered in Hawija Kataa, some of them wounded, and attempts were made to allow them to cross into areas under the control of the SDF militia without knowing their fate afterwards.
The Free Syrian Army was able to expel the regime’s forces from a number of neighborhoods in Deir Al-Zour in June 2012, and continued to advance to other neighborhoods within two years and reduce the control of the regime, before attacking the ISIS Deir al-Zour Riva and the city, Of which.
Neighborhoods west of the city and the other in the east remained subject to the control of the forces of the regime, the ISIS to besieged in early 2015, without being able to break into and control.

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