Strategic progress of the “SDF” east of Deir Ezzor .. And “ISIS” completely loses the Syrian-Iraqi borders

by Euphratespost

The SDF, backed by the International Alliance, on Thursday made strategic progress in its battles against ISIS in the eastern province of Deir al-Zour. It was centered in the town of Al-Bagouz, in rural Bukamal. The latter lost the Euphrates River and the eastern bank of the Bu Kamal Bridge. For the first time since he declared the “Caliphate State” in 2014.

According to the correspondent of the “Euphrates Post”, and field source, the “SDF” managed to control about half of the areas of the town, “Bagouz”, for the first time to the Euphrates River since the “ISIS” dominated the region.

Al-Khafafra area was the center of progress within the town. The SDF took control of Al-Khafafra, Sheikh Hamad, Al-Gesr, Khalaf and Hamzat

In this regard, it was noted that the movement of air traffic and raids was very limited, compared to what was the case in the past days, to focus air attacks in the past 24 hours on the area between the mosque and the intersection of Al-Susa.

According to the information provided to us by a field source, the fighting is still ongoing, amid artillery shelling and another rocket attack. Thus, it is not true that several media outlets reported that the organization lost the Baguz completely, while its forces are still stationed at several points, He also deployed snipers in the remaining areas, especially the area near the town of Sousse, and there is also fear of the “SDF” of the existence of car bombs and mines.

As recorded today, that the fighting extended for the first time to the orchards of the Sousse and the Savavnnah and Marashda, amid the movement of large displacement of civilians towards Shaffa, after the intensification of the fighting.

According to information received by the “Euphrates Post”, that among the deaths of fighting today in the town of Baguoz, 10 elements of the eastern Homs, belonging to the “ISIS”, including a senior leadership.

On Wednesday, the SDF forces were able to advance in the Bagouz from the Bagouz bridge, amid intensive air strikes, causing heavy losses in the organization. The SDF then proceeded to put up barricades in the Sheikh Hamad and Hawija Al Khnafra areas.

Our correspondent in the eastern suburb of Deir al-Zour says that today’s field developments have a positive impact on the status of the Assad regime and the Iranian militias present in the region. It is a victory for them because the organization used to infiltrate the positions of the regime and militias from the Baguoz region.

Our correspondent also pointed out that fighters from the eastern villages of Deir Al-Zour belonging to the SDF have played the most important role in the battles against ISIS today, led by the forces of “lightning of the Shiites” who reached the bridge of Albuqamal, and managed to control the Hawija seen.

About 10 days ago, SDF launched its last battle against ISIS to control the remaining areas under the control of the latter in the eastern countryside of Deir al-Zour and on the Syrian-Iraqi border.

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