Sorrowful Stories about ISIS “Slaves”

by admindiaa

“Exclusive” #Euphrates_Post

The Islamic Religion dried up all the sources of slavery, because our religion created to liberate people from “Person’s worshiping” to worshiping the Lord of mankind, as for the war prisoners Islamic legislation has stressed on treating prisoners a well treatment, an in the case of arresting women, muslims always taking into consideration avoiding rape and torturing, and when we talk about this case there’s no raping women in the Islamic legislation or even forcing them to marry, as well as prohibiting marrying female minors neither detainees nor others

This phenomenon “arresting women” wasn’t forbidden in the first days of Islamic religion appearance, given that the enemy in that time was harassing muslims, violated muslim’s women and enslaved both youths and elderly, and arrested their womn, so leaving offenders without punishment wasn’t fair, but early Muslims set a conditions to marrying arrested women, they was treated as legally wives, and admits in the offspring resulting of this marriage, those arrested women took their rights completly, and the most important think that this marriages was done of their own volition not by forcing.

Since all these years suddenly ISIS terrorist regulation returned again to relevant historical ethical dilemma, but this time in a different form and natures and canons and laws, does not die to Islam or Muslims onion, with a new laws formulated by Baghdadi according to his whims, and according to followed strategy to lure youths to join the regulation’s ranks using the most dirty way.

where ISIS regulation intended in all the battles arresting al largest number of civilians, wspecially those whom living within the regulation’s controlled areas of women and children, because they are easier prey, and the Ezeidi ethnic minority northern Iraq was the most affected of this phenomenon, where the regulation issued  and considered by their Shura Council that all the women of Ezeidies either fought them or not, considered them a “Slaves”.

– How the regulation distributed women slaves “Sabaya” on their fighters?

The regulation distributed their slaves of women whom was arrested within their controlled areas, especially the places which was relatively quiet which was far of the battle fields, and that was since the year 2014 until the recently period, Estimated number refers to 2500 woman slave, most of them of Ezaidies, where they distributed to the regulation’s fighters equally, each of fighters has the right to choose a woman slave, and he’s free to dispose her as sh was a good, he can intercourse her of give her to one of his friends, provided that he can’t have her again after giving her, as those women slaves “Sabaya” allowed to non-wearing the regulation’s legitimacy wear which imposed on all the women od DeirEzzor, to allow fighters to chose according to the extent of Beauty, as the regulation’s fighters saw rambling with some of those slaves whom was wearing an obscene clothes within ISIS controlled areas.

– Duties and Rights which ISIS imposed on its elements toward “Sabaya”?

To abide by its expenses and accommodation within a separate house and the recognition of the bound to the resulting from this relationship, and the right to inheritance, is not entitled to both incredulous later, but the majority of the elements of ISIS considering those women as they described a means of entertainment, in most times abandon it for months without food or expenses, as well as the lack of commitment of most of the components of the laws of the reorganization, the majority of them exceed the limit of slaves, while the organization disregard for their actions under the pretext that “elements of the Islamic State does not mistake”

-The exploitation of children using “Sabaya”

The regulation used recently the most dirty method to violate the innocence of childhood and the virginity of the young girls whose was arrested by the regulation, where they gave a large number of those girls to their so-called “Caliphate’s Cubs” a fighting groups of children and most of them are minors, they gave them a small girls as a gift, among the rejection of their parents of those children, and that to to encourage them to cling to the regulation.

– the most important incidents which resulted from violations by ISIS members warlords against women detianees.

* The leader in the Isis Muhamed Al Matar from the city of alqoria brigade leader Al Qaqaa previously Sabya taken 45 years old, Yezidis in Mosul and the mother of one daughter, in a private home, frequented them continuously, without ensuring afford or even without feed, since he had presented later as a gift of one of the princes of actio popularis in AlMyadein after family problems faced by his relatives.

* Worse incident occurred in AlShuaitat which is the main gathering center Sabaya was overheard as regulation, where the Tunisian emir on one of the Schools containing Sabaya was overheard as dozens, just sobered Sets Sights on or have two daughters, aged 16 and 12 years, prince of Tunisia to choose the girl child of 12 year, to start the mother browbeat say “Take me and torture me but don’t take my girl”, insisted on took the child and mother tore bathrobes and the girl child to say see to her chest, which did not highlight after, it’s a baby girl, said with rudeness accent broken colloquial “No I’ll take her” Indeed Tunisian taken, then entered in a quarrel with an Iraqi element on the background of this incident.

* Another case documented by Euphrates Post Team recently, the story began when one of the woman from the countryside went to the city of Myadein for nearly a year with a view to shopping, during wore in the market of the city, she was arrested by the Hisba there, under the charge of ready-made clothes that it “wearing a over the legitimate dress”, the woman disappeared since that time to appear since two months, and the when entered the house of her parents, the woman says that one of the judges of a Kuwaiti nationality had “arrested her and made her his Sabya” under the pretext that she is the wife of an apostate, then he divorced her, and then he took her towards Mosul in Iraq, and after spending several months with her he left her and disappeared but did not find the impact, and after his disappearance she escaped toward the Turkish lands, and then towards the Syrian lands where she met with its parents who forced her to abort the her baby who she had got pregnant during her relationship with the Kuwaiti judge.

* The dentist Ru’a Thiyab of Myadein city locals, where she had a clinic to treat people there, was arrested with a group of her friends of doctors since two years ago by ISIS regulation, under the charge of “treating men”, then the regulation announced ten days later that they executed her, while they didn’t declared the fate of her colleagues,  her father went towards Shaddady to meet the security commanders of the regulation and to ask about his daughter’s corpse, but they rejected and said that they get rid of the corpse, then they ordered him to walk away and don’t ask again, after a few monthes suddenly a phone call came from Ru’a and she said to her friend that she’s now in Iraq in Mosul, and she’s a slave for one of the regulation’s fighters there.

ISIS terrorist regulation continues since their controlled on the province of DeirEzzor until the moment, continues of imposing their whims above the Islamic legitimate and the human values, also outraging the modesty the humanity, with the behaviors of their members and their supporters, which near to animal behaviors, where the regulation transported all the detainees from Mosul to Raqqa, then towards DeirEzzor eastern countryside, which they consider it the main fort of the regulation detainees and Syabaya whom stationed in the countryside, specifically in Bukamal, Myadein, Shuaitat and AlOmar oilfield with other several towns and villages within the province.

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