SDF begins a new battle to control the last strongholds of ISIS in DeirEzzor.

by admindiaa

SDF Forces in partnership with “Jaiysh AlThwar” Begins a new battle in the countryside of DeirEzzor province eastern Syria to take control of the last strongholds of ISIS terrorist Organization in the east of the country, supported by the International Coalition, which launched violent airstrikes on the region.
Violent explosions rocked Shuaitat region in the eastern area of the province last Friday evening after targeting Hajen city, one of the most important strongholds of the organization, by the troops stationed in AlOmar oilfield.
“ISIS Organization” launched an attack on the points of “SDF” near the Syrian-Iraqi border from the town of Bagouz, without any tangible progress.
These developments came days after SDF suffered heavy losses by the organization, which took advantage of the weather conditions prevailing in the atmosphere of Deir al-Zour, to launch more attacks on the points of “SDF”, before being forced to withdraw from the areas they controlled.
The control areas of the organization extend from Hajen city to the Syrian-Iraqi border, and include within it the towns and villages of Hajen, Shaafah, Marashdeh, Boukhater, Boupadran, Sousse, Shajla, Bagouz Fawqani and Bagouz Tahtani.
On the other hand, a number of civilians, including children, as well as volunteer doctors and a doctor of Russian nationality, were killed after an air strike targeting the Yarmouk hospital in the district 24 in the town of Shaafah on last Thursday, destroying the building completely.
Muqdam Turki AlRamdan, one of the first founders of ISIS organization, was killed in the coalition attacks, He is one of the sons of Muhassan city in the eastern countryside of DeirEzzor.

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