“Murder” fate of dissidents who complied to settlement agreement in Homs

by admindiaa

Exclusive EPArresting campaigns continues in northern countryside of Homs, against dissidents of the regime forces and activists from the region who have accepted the settlement agreement.Euphrates Post network knew from local sources in the region that the dissidents and those wanted for the reserve are the most wanted, and they must review the security branches to undergo investigations regarding their work during the period of control of the Syrian opposition fighters in the region, in conjunction with arrests of dozens of them.The sources said that: old men were arrested for the association of their children with the forces of the Syrian opposition and work with them in the areas of Idlib and “Euphrates Shield” areas, after their displacement from the northern countryside.One of the dissident officers of Regime army from the city of Teldo in Hula district in the countryside of Homs told the “Euphrates Post” that more than 120 people who are dissidents from the army and the internal security apparatus and the political and military security of the people of the city, are living in a state of fear in the region, especially after they thought that the settlement would keep them from being prosecuted by the regime.He added that “the officer” that: the forces of the regime has arrested so far 50 person from the dissidents who subjected to the settlement agreement, and released only two of them so far.The officer added: The greatest danger is the regime’s liquidation of detainees, as it issues direct judgments, including execution, and the fate of detainees is still unknown.The security campaigns pushed youths in Hula to leave the region towards Lebanon, after paying large amounts of money for fear of being arrested or recruited into the ranks of the regime again.

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After the painful losses of SDF Coalition waged most violent raids. - فرات بوست - euphratespost ديسمبر 10, 2018 - 7:21 ص

[…] “Murder” fate of dissidents who complied to settlement agreement in Homs. […]


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