Russian Warplanes commits massacre in DeirEzzor, ISIS Respond by killing civilians

by admindiaa

“Exclusive” #Euphrates_Post

Russian warplanes waged a violent ai riads on DeirEzzor city with Al Myadein city also in the eastern countryside yesterday noon, in the details Euphrates Post reporters said that the raids began on DeirEzzor city where those warplanes targeted the neighborhoods of Jubela, Sinaa, Hawiqa with the surroundings of the central park with the ombs region, by cover six air raids and no news yet about the casualities there.

While other four Russian warplanes targeted AlJaish street just an hours later, also russians targeted Abduljabar school which sheltering local families from the region and Iraqi families whom escaped from the battles in Mosul, our reporters also said that the number of martyrs reached 30 person, most of them was of the Iraqi refugees, and there’s a dozens of injured people arrived to the city hospitals.

While ISIS regulation imposed a security cordon on the targeted region, and prevented civilians of entering the school to recognize the victims, also the security apparatus of ISIS cut off the telecommunications with the internet network in the whole city for unknown reasons.

On the other hand the International Alliance’s warplanes targeted two days ago the river boats nearby the crossings which linking between the two villages of Buleel and Sabha, which caused its completely destruction and made it out of serves.

As for ISIS regulation they’ve executed Sulaiman AlBagdash of the sons of Humaimeda village in the western countryside yesterday “Shot in the head” under the charge of smuggling people outside the regulation’s controlled areas, after several hours they also executed another person from Myadein city “By the sword” in Abu Hamaam village, under the charge of dealing with Kurdish militias.

In the besieged neighborhoods a child died and several civilians were injured due to “Heavy fire” between the national defence militia wich belongs to Regime, against the relatives of one of the war merchants who close associated of Regime officers for a reasons related to trading goods in the black market, then the Republican Guard forces with the Air security forces intervened to resolve conflict.

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