Important Documents about “Abu Hamza AlKazakhy”

by admindiaa

“Exclusive” #Euphrates_Post

The new documents obtained by the institution of Euphrates Post from the Office of the so-called “and Aleppo” in the city of the AlBab, revealed the identity of the inventor and designed of the first aircraft of ISIS regulation whom was and is still useing those planes to target civilian populations and the liquidation of “some of its leaders sometimes”, which showed one of the documents attached to this arresting that man “Abu Hamza AlKazakhy” who was arrested by one of the brigades that attributing itself to the opposition in the countryside of Aleppo and the assassination of his facilities after one day.

“Abu Hamza AlKazakhy” according to the author of the document, is a wealthy businessman was living in the Turkish territories until a short period, and owns a company of computer technology, it is likely that specialized in the same area, as was, I mean, in the maintenance of thermal perspectives, AbU Hamza personalities effective secret “who do not appear in the regulation’s videos” in order to preserve him of any possible targeting.

Because he is known by the common folk or the security commanders of the regulation and in direct contact with leadership in Iraq and Syria, it was traveling between Syria, Iraq and Turkey all the goodwill, to secure pieces of the crisis for the manufacture of drones from China via Turkey down the Syrian territories, and even when it was captured by one of battalions that attributed themselves to the opposition forces, are not recognized his true identity or his job, which was practiced within the ISIS regulation.

The writer continues, saying that Abu Hamza and during one of his trips toward Turkish territory to bring the jet engines of aircraft rally, was captured in possession of a large sum of money, and after this incident just one day, on the thirteenth of the month of Ramadan last, targeted plane march “did not specify Writer source “targeted the facilities” Ramadan Dagestani “on the road to Alaosgele (AlBab – Manbej) east of the city of Bzaa and he died immediately.

An for this last one a longe story in corruption and thefts and slave tradeing, which even his daughter “who was 14 years old” didn’t delivered of it, where her made her married of four commanders in the regulation to be  closeness to them, and to make them gloss over his embezzlement, where the amounts which he stoled reached a fictional amounts, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and after his death in Bzaa in several days his wife also transfered to live in the appartment of his colleague in the regulation “Ali Kirkiz” during her forbidden months “Al Uddah.

Document Writer “Abu Mohammed Tunisian” accused General armament official in the state of Aleppo,with another number of elements of the regulation, including Ali Kerkz and the Getaway, which was carrying Abu Hamza Alkzakhy to Turkey, accusing them of stealing the last funds during his disappearance, also questioned the involvement of Alkzakhy in the killing of Dagestani.

In the meantime, “trade-offs” was under way between the battalion that captured Abu Hamza Alkzakhy and between the leadership of al ISIS to release him in exchange for 50 thousand $, the battalion members sent a video of the Alkzakhy tells his arrest details as, and appeared in a section of a member of the battalion calls for the regulation to pay the ransom.

While not mentioned in the rest of the 250 documents any details of an update about the case of Abu Hamza Alkzakhy, indicating that he is now at liberty, it is possible to meet with any of us at a regular day, without knowing that he’s Alkzakhy who brought down many and many of shells by his aircraft over our heads, but probably will not know until later after the demise of the regulation.

Appeared in this document only a few of the information contained in the 15 files, only a few figures appeared in detail but these characters deserve the title of “criminals deserved” The proof is on the filth of the organization came the signing of Abu Mohammed Al Tunesy who did not, but knows that the linguistic eloquence will see millions through the means of communication social, to be the best witness to violations of the regulation and practices against unarmed civilians, and proof of the lack of affiliation between ISIS and Islam.

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