Regime warplane down by International Alliance in Raqqa countryside.

by admindiaa


Exclusive” Euphrates Post”


The Syrian Ministry of Defense announced yesterday that a military aircraft belonging to the Syrian army was shot down by the International Air Force (IAAF) while carrying out combat missions in the Rusafa area in the western Rifqa countryside.


In a statement published on its official website, the Ministry of Defense accused the international coalition of coordinating with the ISIS organization and that the operation revealed “the malicious intentions of the United States of America in the management and investment of terrorism to achieve its objectives in passing the Zionist-American project in the region.


The statement pointed out that the General Command of the army and the armed forces warns that these serious consequences of such an attack will not discourage the continuation of the war against the organization “ISIS” and the Liberation of the former “Al-Nasra” and associated groups, and the restoration of security and stability to all the territory of Syria.


For its part, the US Central Command issued a statement saying: The plane dropped on Sunday was targeting locations close to the fighters of the “Syrian Democratic Forces” supported by the United States of America, pointing out that the plane was dropped in a collective defense of the forces participating in the coalition was Identifying them as fighters of Syria’s democratic forces near the class.


The statement added that the coalition is not seeking to fight the Syrian regime and the Russian forces loyal to the regime, but will not hesitate to defend himself or the forces backed by him from any threat, noting that the alliance has engaged with Russian counterparts to prevent escalation and cease fire before the plane dropped from Before the coalition.


The statement pointed out that “forces loyal to the Syrian regime” earlier attacked the city of the class under the control of the Syrian Democratic forces in the countryside of the West Riqqa, and wounded a number of fighters and drove them out of the city before the coalition planes stopped advancing.


A few days ago, the coalition forces targeted a convoy of regime and militia forces near the Al-Tanf border crossing, which killed more than 40 people and destroyed several military vehicles belonging to the regime.

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