International Alliance intensifies its raids, hunts ISIS as a fly.

by admindiaa


Exclusive” Euphrates Psot”


It seems that the alliance’s air forces knows how to carry out its raids and targeted at it in a focused and accurate manner where the warplanes killed on Wednesday evening, June 14, 2017, about 20 militants of ISIS organization and wounded several others, as a result of raids by the International Alliance targeted a military site, In the industrial area of the city of Bukamal with is under ISIS control in the eastern countryside of Deir Al-Azur.


In the details, the correspondent of the Euphrates Post network in the city of Bukamal said that: over 20 militants of the organization were killed, and other 10 wounded, all of them in a critical condition and transferred to Aisha hospital in the city, during the security alert of the organization, which surrounded the targeted site of the bombing and did not allow anyone to approach the target.


Our correspondent adds that: the International Alliance warplanes targeted this headquarter using very explosive “Missiles vacuum” led to destroying the weapon factory and the whole place, also all the machines inside it, the place also resulted a huge blast caused by the stored weapons, the blasts also burned 5 cars was outside the factory.


Coalition aircraft also targeted the vicinity of Aisha hospital at 4 pm, and returned to target again at 2.30 am, the cultural center in Bukamal, which is the headquarters of the meetings of the leaders of the organization, which led to the collapse of the building in full, and the killed a number of Leaders and militants of the organization and injured civilians without martyrs among civilians, and at the same time targeted other warplanes perimeter grain silos on the outskirts of the city. While another number was killed and wounded, following two raids by the International Coalition targeting two vehicles on AlSabeen Street near nearby Hajjana region north of the city of Bukamal, which led to the burning two cars fully.


The source added that the organization deployed several additional checkpoints inside and outside the city amid security tightening on the entry and exit of civilians into the city, in addition to a security check on Internet cafes, coincided with several raids by the organization in search of wanted persons suspected of dealing with coalition forces inside the city.

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