Raqqa is a scene of fighting between factions “SDF”… .. The international coalition intervenes.

by admindiaa

The city of Raqqa on Sunday witnessed violent clashes between the Kurdish People’s Protection Units and the Raqqa Revolution Brigade following the arrest of Abdulla al-Helu, nicknamed Abu Haidar, one of the latter’s commanders in the field. since days.

The clashes, which took place near al-Batani roundabout, coincided with a demonstration in the Rumaila neighborhood, northeast of the city, demanding the withdrawal of elements of the units from the city because of what they called “abuses and practices” against civilians.

According to the information obtained by Euphrates Post, the international coalition against the “ISIS” was quick to intervene to resolve the conflict between the two factions fighting under the banner of “SDF” and that a meeting will be held at dawn on Monday

for this purpose, “He is attended by Abu Issa, the field commander in the Revolutionary of Al-raqqa council, while Al Wihdat represents Abu Jassim al-Kurdi.

The meeting is being held amid reports of massive protests by the two parties, as well as the imposition of a curfew by the Kurdish “units” after protests against it. The “”Brigade of the rebels of AL-Raqqa,”” has called on the people to stand by them to repel a “foreseeable attack” by Kurdish militants.

It is noteworthy that the “Brigade of the rebels of AL-Raqqa,” a military formation of Arab fighters belonging to the “SDF”, is one of the oldest allies of the “Kurdish units”

it was instrumental in expelling the regime from Raqqa in March 2013, before the “ISIS” took control of the city. He then went to the town of Srin and then appointed the Arabs and contributed to the formation of the “Euphrates Volcano Operations Room”.

With the operation of the “Euphrates volcano” in 2015 on the city of Tel-white, the conflict between the “rebels of AL-Raqqa” and Kurdish fighters emerged after the declaration of “self-management” Kurdish city to the province of Kobany.

Observers of the situation on the ground, that the differences between the Arab fighters and Kurds within the “SDF” which was founded at the end of 2015, can escalate in Raqqa, as well as in the countryside Deir Ezzor,

For a number of reasons, including a large gap in the objectives of the Arab factions within it, with the Kurdish faction dominated the largest military formation, and the latter’s desire to extend its influence over the rest of the factions belonging to the “SDF” and eliminate any competitor.

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