Al-Sadd camp in the countryside of Al-Hasakah witnesses further escalation and protests facing repression

by admindiaa

The situation in Al-Sadd camp in the southern countryside of Al-Hasakah broke out on Sunday, following developments in the issue of the absence of drinking water and preventing the entry of “ice molds”

To begin the movement of protests to its inhabitants, suppressed by the elements of “Asayish” of the Kurdish administration,Who beat one of the participating women, followed by her arrest, with no information about her fate and place of detention.

Witnesses told the “Euphrates Post”, that the developments of the past hours, came a day after the Asayish launched a campaign of arrests and raids,As the elements of “Asayish” attack to tents of the displaced at four o’clock on Saturday morning, which led to the injury of children and women panic and fear.

The campaign resulted in the arrest of nearly 200 displaced people, mostly from Deir Ezzor, who were transferred to the “organized crime” organization led by Hafal Asaad, a leader of Asayish,In order to investigate them and find out who sent distress calls on the crisis of drinking water and ice molds continue to date, and in parallel, patrols searched the cell phones inside the camp.

It appears that this campaign comes as a reaction to the visit of a committee of the International Coalition of the Al-Sadd camp last week, after the spread of photographs and video recordings, confirming that the elements of self-management prevent the water and ice blocks from the displaced,

In addition to other violations, the camp administration allowed displaced persons to bring water and ice molds for only one day while the committee was present. After the exodus, the situation returned to its previous status, in addition to arrests and ill-treatment.

Residents of al-Sadd camp in the town of Arisha (within an arid desert area 22 kilometers from the Khabur River) Suffer Of the lack of water from the camp, several days ago, without any movement to address the crisis, despite the increasing need for water due to high temperatures.

It is noteworthy that “SDF” is holding thousands of displaced people in the AL-SAAD and other camps distributed in the countryside of Hasakah, Qamishli and Raqqa,

In order to force the war fugitives in Deir Ezzor and Al-Raqqa to stay there, after they were prevented from entering the city of Hasaka and its Kurdish-controlled villages without a sponsor.

These camps, which activists called “the death camps, suffer from almost complete absence of services and health care,

Causing the deaths of most of them children and women, not to mention the poor handling of those in these camps, and the incidence of corruption within them, without any accountability.

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