By photos, ISIS Princes with their various wives, DeirEzzor Children are the victim

by admindiaa

“Exclusive” Euphrates Post

Between the vehicle bombs and suicide bomber, over 90 child from DeirEzzor lost their lives, after they joined the regulation.

Among those children “Mohamed Abdulnasser AlWeas” who were tricked by ISIS, and he’s of Ashara sons where he was living in Damascus, then he came to DeirEzzor in the middle of the revolution, he was 12 years old, then he joined the regulation and after several months he were killed in Shadady city, due suicide operation with other four children from the province.

We present this story of “Mohamed” to show to people how ISIS involving children in hell of battles without taking into consideration their humanity, while the regulation leaders and princes rushing fastly to have some pleasure with “Huryat” but this time during their lives, not in the paradise as their leaders tolled them, also because they knows very well that their inevitable distiny “is the hell”.

We bring for you some examples:

“Ismail Ali AlKhaier” who nicknamed “AlAkhras” he was fish and vegetable seller, befor the revolution began and during it, and he was arrested by the leader “Shehwara” in Muhassan city under the charge of dealing with Regime, and after several mediations they left him.

Before a few monthes of of ISIS entering, “Ismail AlAkhras” actions was dubious, and after the regulation entered DeirEzzor, he was close to the so-called “Abu Hattem AlBuamer”, then after ISIS arrived Muhassan in Nov 2014, he announced his relationship with the regulation, and due to his relationship with “Abu Hattem” he became one of the most effective members in Muhassan region, this region which was out of Regime control since the first months of the revolution.

With the expansion of ISIS regulation in the region, “AlAkhras” became the responsible for “Ashara” barrier, and he was only concerned in “marrying women and collecting money” while children dieing for the sake of his fake Baghdady Caliphates, which violated, allowing and prohibiting.

Multiple marriage within the regulation ranks is one of the methods which their leader and princes follwed to bring more militants and make them join ISIS, especially after the allowed locals of marrying their died fighter’s wives “ISIS Aramel”, also “Sabaya” issue was a dirty stigma, where several leaders was promoting to this edia like “Saddam AlJamal” and “Mahmoud AlMatar” whom overseed the market of “Sabaya” in Abu Hamaam region.

Back to our subject, and as we talk about “Ismail AlKhaier or AlAkhras”, Euphrates Post network got a photos shows him during his wedding party with his newest wife, and she appears wearing a scandalous clothes and unveiled, and this is his seventh marriage during the last three years.

The so-called “Ismail” with his colleaguse all what they cares about is marrying women, he married of six women previously, divorced three of his wives, and left one in her parents house, and he have recently two and a new wife whos appearing in the photos.

That’s the full story of one of ISIS militants and a leader in the regulation, where they’re useing their legitimacy to acheive their targets, and exploits the naivety of parents, to kill the local sons during this long term war.

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