Martyrs and dead militants, due to raids on Bukamal

by admindiaa

“Exclusive” Euphrates Post

With escalating battles and the military operations against ISIS in Mosul with the western region in Iraq, and concurrently with DeirEzzor battles calmm, the pace of the shelling escalated by the International Alliance with the Iraqi warplanes on Bukamal and Qaim and DeirEzzor eastern countryside.

Al-Bu Kamal and the border with Iraq witnessed Saturday a series of raids that killed civilian martyrs. Nine martyrs, displaced from the city of Aleppo and working in perfumery, mostly children and women, were killed as a result of Iraqi aircraft targeting Saad al-Mashhadani’s house. in Sukarya in rural Bukamal.

Where Euphrates Post reporter confirmed that during morning, a huge explosions sounds were heard after those air raids.

And in other context, Euphrates Post reporter said that: the International Alliance warplanes targeted a headquarter inside it a number of ISIS miliants, and before several hours of targeting the family of Aleepo, the war planes targeted “Hajjana region in the borders of Bukamal city, adds to six fighters from Iraq, in an operation characterized by quality.

The “International Alliance” air raids also targeted a jeep, carrying fighters of the regulation, and this car was came from Qaim border city towards Bukamal city, targeting them with a guided missile, which led to the explosion of the car and the killing of all those who were inside immediately.

Also unmanned aerial vehicles targeted a truck “trex truck in AlAshara city, which its owner are from the city, called “Khaled AlHajeej”, which led to its completely combustion.

This attack caused also the death of several most effective leaders and princes within the regulation like: ISIS Defense Minister, the Mufty “The legislator AlBadran”, also the International Alliance warplanes threw previously a leaflets warns civilians of being close to ISIS headquarters.

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