Opposition Continues the third period of “Euphrates Shield Operation” and regains two villages northern Al Bab, Turkish army sends more reinforcements to the region.

by admindiaa


“Exclusive” Euphrates Post: FSA factions announced which supported by the Turkish army and International Alliance air forces, announced this morning about continueing the third period of “Euphrates Shield Operation” which aims to control Al Bab city in the eastern countryside of Aleppo and regaining it of ISIS.

The conflicts began the two pivots, the north and west sides of the city, with turkish air raids and cannons massive shelling on ISIS controlled areas, in the northern and eastern boarders, and till the moment not less than 25 raids.

As a result of this raids FSA forces regained the control on Al Dana and Brata villages north western Al Bab city, after only an hours of opposition announcement the beginning the third period of operation, which killed 8 of ISIS fighters, their corpses still with the opposition fighters, as well as killing and wounding another unknown number of ISIS ranks.

For its part, Aamaq Agency which belongs to ISIS, announced that the regulation damaged a Turkish tank by exploding a bomb, and exploding other four wheel car for the opposition by mortar shell, near to Al Dana village western Al Bab city.

Anadul Agency announced also yesterday, that the Turkish army sent almost 300 personnel from the special forces (Commandos) to the Syrian Turkish boarders, pointing that the sent fighters will take missions in the operation.

Till then, two children were killed yesterday night, as a result of a mine explosion remnants by ISIS in AlKfear village which controlled by FSA recently, northern Al Bab in Aleppo eastern countryside.

The FSA factions had been announced in the 25th of august, announced the starting of “Euphrates Shield Operation” supported by the special forces of the Turkish army, and the International Alliance air forces, to expell ISIS from north-eastern Aleppo.

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