An air raid by the international alliance kills eight civilians, and other eight were died during a traffic accident, eastern Menij in the countryside of Aleppo.

by admindiaa

“Exclusive” Euphrates Post: eight civilians were killed a few days ago, after an air aid by international alliance Targetted Baza’a, eastern Al Bab city, which controlled by ISIS in Aleppo eastern countrysde.

Known of those martyrs:

1- Mrs Laiyla, Aboud Al Abbas’s wife

2- Muhamed Aboud Al Abbas

3- Ibrahem Aboud Al Abbas

4- Hasan Aboud Al Abbas

5- Fatima Aboud Al Abbas

6- Wala’a Aboud Al Abbas

7- Hilal Aboud Al Abbas

8- Unknown Person

The air raid wounded more than 22 other civilian among them critical conditions transported to Al Bab hospital, and the number of martyrs maybe increase during the next hours, due to the severity of the danger of some injuries, while inability in medical capabilities recorded inside the medical points and hospitals in Al Bab and its countryside.

Which damaged to houses and burning other one with three of civilians cars, moreover there was a huge material harms effected the surrounding shops and its contents.

In another context, eight civilians were died and other five civilians were injured most of them are in critical conditions during a traffic accident, which happend in the u-turn of Al Khataf on the international road eastern Menbij city which controlled by the kurdish militia.

On the other hand ISIS announced about exploding a Turkish tank and damaging other three, after targetting a gathering for the Turkish army by to vehicle bombs in the two villages of Waqah and Al Kfear northern Al Bab city, which controlled by the opposition, in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, and killed and injured a number of them.

ISIS waged another attack on the same region again, and damaged two vehicles and gained other vehicle and killed also three personnels of the opposition forces.

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