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New reality of ISIS, and lack in choices.

by admindiaa

“Exclusive” Euphrates Post

ISIS regulation whose their leaders didn’t stop of giving a strong speeches about occupying “Rome” and beyond Rome, falling back today to lose most of its borders in front of DSF and Assad’s militias and so on, and ISIS who was and still talking to their fighters about “Dabiq” and “Caliphate” and “The Expected Victory” to what they call it “the last age caliphate” losing most of their power.

So what else?

Bulk decisions unconsciously released by the regulation, the last of it was in Raqqa and DeirEzzor, where the regulation announced a decision says that everybody should support the regulation already not by saying, and here’s the decision text:

(All of the supporters of the Islamic state must go towards the “Allegiance Centers” and then towards the battlefields, where fighting became imposed as a duty on everyone whom living in our land and under our protection, we reject supporting only by words, you must carry your weapon with us, or leave us).

The resolution context shows that they are living a general alert satus, in all of the fighters whom living within the controlled areas by ISIS regulation.

As the regulation sent all of the families of their big leaders and commanders from Raqqa to DeirEzzor, the province which could be announced in the near future as the new capital of their alleged caliphates, in a reference to the possibility of leaving their last fortifications of the regulation in the Syrian north, exaclty as they did previously in Tal Abiyaz, AlBab and AlDana, and recently in Tadef when they left it to allow Regime forces of entering it.

while a lot of ISIS supporters made a big mistake and signed in trouble prepared for them by the regulation’s leadership, when the regulation used them as a human shields to protect their leaders and immigrants, and pushed them all in the front lines of battles, then ISIS sent them from the controlled regions in DeirEzzor towards Raqqa during the last month.

Recently, DeirEzzor province became full of immigrants and their families, especially in the villages and towns of the eastern countryside. There have been cases of eviction and forced displacement of locals from their homes or the homes of their relatives. The regulation followed this policy on the pretext of “proving ownership”, to be replaced by the families of expatriates from Iraq, exactly as his policy, which was followed previously in Mosul and Raqqa before his first control over them.

As for DeirEzzor the city, people noted that leaders and fighters of ISIS began buying food goods and fuels, in spite of its fancy prices, especially in Takaya street which considered as the artery of the city trading movement, while crossing mevement between the city and its countryside was stopped due to rainy weather and torrents.

Above all of that information, inside the city scare status between civilians ranks of new tragedy, or deadly seiege, especially after news about lack in flour, and the outage of several bakeries for an unknown time.

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