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More 60 thousand names .. Source: The Assad regime ends the preparation of a list of wanted sons of Deir Ezzor and circulate on its branches of security.

by admindiaa

The “Euphrates Post” obtained special information, confirming the end of the Assad regime from the preparation of a list of files containing the names of about 60 thousand wanted from the people of Deir Ezzor,And was circulated to the security branches, which was keen to re-activate its work in the areas that have regained control.
According to the information provided by a source close to the system, who asked not to be named, the new list includes the names of those who knew the participation of the owners revolution against Assad, whether to take arms or those who participated in demonstrations peaceful movement in 2011, and beyond.
The source added that among the names are a large number of women, and that the list could increase as the number of informants and the so-called “Baathists” in the towns, cities and villages where the regime regained control increased.
The source pointed out that the list of names, including the so-called “settlement status”, accepted by Syrian opponents, whether from the arms campaigners, or those participating in demonstrations and opposition activities.
The list also includes, according to the same source, the ability of the Regime to document who participation in the ranks of “ISIS”, whether as a combatant, or work in one of the institutions of the organization, both in the medical, administrative, educational,
According to information provided by Euphrates Post, the Assad regime was keen to re-activate its four security branches (Military Security, Political Security, Air Intelligence and State Security) from the early days to regain control of each city or town. Reactivate any service, administrative or other sectors.
Despite promises made by many tribal mediators that he sent them to areas not under his control, he claimed that the returnees from the province would not be held accountable even to those who opposed them after “settling his situation.” However, he began the arbitrary arrests, ISIS, opposition cells or SDF, or other charges that led to the arrest of a large number of Deir Ezzor people and over the past few days and have become unaccounted for.
It is noteworthy that the Assad regime, threatened by the head of the Air Intelligence Directorate, Jamil al-Hassan, to hold accountable anyone who opposed or stopped against the regime or even who remained silent since the beginning of the Syrian revolution in March 2011, threatening that “anyone whose crime was to speak or work, Even those who remain silent will be considered terrorists and will be tried publicly or secretly. ”
Al-Hassan said in this context, according to a Syrian source told the website “”The observer” British news, that more than three million Syrians are wanted, and their judicial cases are ready. Noting that “the large number of people wanted will not be a great difficulty in achieving the plan.”
“Syria, with 10 million trustworthy people who are obedient to the leadership, is better than Syria,” said the Syrian source to the British website at a meeting on July 27, which included senior officers of the security establishment. With 30 million terrorists. ” As he says.

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