Looting and financial corruption within PYD

by admindiaa

Exclusive” Euphrates Post”

The arresting of “Redor Khalil” the former spokesman of YPG weeks ago, is not the last detention, because the arrests campaigns affected a lot of PYD officials, especially within the sector of “Management of oil resources” in Hassaka province, they also were deported by the leadership of the party in Qandeel mountains for questioning directly.

Observers said that the arrest was carried out massive media silence by the self-management, but on the other hand they considered the operation a miserable attempt to divert attention from the theft of hundreds of thousands of dollars earned by the PYD Party of oil, gas and taxes, and then sends them to the command centers in the mountains Lamp.

The well-known Kurdish political analyst (Hoshenk Osi) exposed the policy of plundering resources which “Democratic Union Party” follows in Hassaka and the other regions that they control, and he said: According to some local sources close to the Democratic Union Party, there are several border crossing points for the self-administered areas of the party. These crossings generate tens of millions of dollars a month for the party, except for the party’s oil and gas trade with the Assad regime and with the areas controlled by it Extremist organizations, in addition to the Party’s agricultural crops, taxes and royalties.

More than 95% of these funds (tens of millions of dollars) are transferred to the Kandil Mountains, through the regions of Shankal-Sinjar, Sulaymaniyah-Rania, and up to Qandil Mountains.

This explains the PKK’s madness, when the leadership of Iraqi Kurdistan tried to dig trenches on the border, because the trenches would impede the movement of YPG and PKK fighters as they transferred the funds.

Then Hoshenk Osi continyes talking as if predicting what would happen, because he knew the policy of the PKK up close, when he was in the Kandil mountains in 2007 before he dissented: In the coming days we may see some differences or murders (in Hasakah and the rest of the regions) on charges of corruption and waste of public money, so that the PKK will try to distract people from the serious economic file before the file explodes in his face. or loud cry by people, shaking the pillars of the PKK.”

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