Russian intervention, Hegemony over Syrian gas

by admindiaa

“Exclusive” Euphrates Post

To justify their hostile positions and the continuous violations against Syrians, and to executes their dirty aims, also to support Regime forces which working to kill more Syrians, the Russian government continues supporting Regime in return for occupying Syria for other.

The agreement between the Assad’s regime and Russia is the only way to the head of regime to ensure the continuation of Russian support to remain on the throne of the President of the Republic for a longer period and in return invading the Russian allies of the regime deeper and deeper within the Syrian territory, which allowed him to exploit the rest of the wealth in Syria, He played on the “sensitive tendon” to achieve self-win for Russia which gives them a positive.

The Russian government worked on justifying their forces spreading within Syria and their supporting to Regime, through the continuously speeches by their officials, whom always said that their government aren’t interested in “Assad’s survival” as a president of Syria, but they’re trying hard to end the civil war in the country, and those speeches helped them to insure the country’s “resources”, Russian sources have said that the Russian base would contribute to reducing the chaos that existed in Syria in addition to preventing the Syrian war from spreading..

This intervention and this support and all the statements mentioned by Russia is one of its policy to obtain Syrian gas after it was revealed that Syria has very high rates of gas was enough to increase the Russian intervention and the opportunity to own the Syrian gas in a manner that leads to control and pumping profits in favor of Russia..

The Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said we trust the participation of Russian companies in oil and gas projects in the Syrian territory after insurance at an appropriate level for employees of Russian companies in Syria..

Despite the discovery of gas in very large amounts in the town of “Sadad” in Homs countryside, and mountains of western Qlamoun and in the Badia and the Mediterranean, but the oil minister in the government regime was the opposite in saying: The production of natural gas in Syria began to decline as a result of events in Syria and according That production rates fell by 50 percent..

We see the obvious contradiction between what the Russian Energy Minister and the Minister of Oil said to the government of the Assad regime and the extent of Russian exploitation of Syrian resources..

According to recent studies conducted on Syria shows that 82% of the wealth of Syria is located in the Syrian Badia and the Syrian coast and not as is common in the area of the island and if we return to the field we find attempts by the regime and Russia to control the Syrian Badia in various ways, especially that Russia and the United States did not To make the Badia region a military escalation..

According to a US study that Syria has very high gas rates and will be the third of the world producing it, that it will occupy the place of Qatar after Russia and Iran, and Russia would have 49 years to enable Russian bases in Syria and extend more and give its companies time to withdraw Syrian gas..

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