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Kurdish “units” follow the policy of forced displacement of the inhabitants of an Arab village in the countryside of Hasaka …………. Reason: olive branch

by admindiaa

The Kurdish People’s Unity militia ordered the residents of the village of Umm Kheif in the town of Tal Hamis in Al-Hasakah countryside to evacuate the village within a week and to go to the town of Gharbels in the northern Aleppo countryside.
According to the information obtained by the “Euphrates Post” from its sources in Hasaka, the “units of the people” raided the village south of Qamishli on Thursday afternoon, and arrested more than 50 young people, and also assaulted a number of residents beaten.According to the information, the Kurdish militia accused the villagers of supporting the “Free Syrian Army”, and joining young people from the village to the ranks of the opposition participating in Operation Olive Branch alongside Turkish forces.It is noteworthy that the Kurdish “units” in the year 2015 burned homes of Arab residents and the displacement of some residents of Arab villages, under the pretext of advocacy, “the Free Army,” and committed the same crimes last year in the countryside of Qahtaniya of Qamishli city, and practiced burning houses and displacement of residents, On charges of supporting the organization “ISIS”, and join the ranks of the organization.
It is noteworthy that the Turkish army and in cooperation with the Syrian opposition factions, launched a military operation on 20 January 2018 under the name “olive branch”, aimed at removing the fighters of Kurdish militias who control Afrin, who accused them of targeting the Turkish territory located on the border with Syria, And that they constitute a threat to their national security.

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