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IA forces captures ISIS leaders during landing operation

by admindiaa

“Exclusive” Euphrates Post

The International Alliance forces captured several important figures from the leaders of the organization of Daash, during the recent landing operations, which took place on 16/4/2017. The correspondents of the Euphrates Post monitored several landing operations of coalition forces near the cities of Bukamal, Salihiyah and Mydein with its desert and Gharaneij town.

In the details, the Alliance forces began the landing on the outskirts of the village of “Aldoer” near the effects of Salhiya, where the forces targeted a van “Hunadi” and two vehicles of the type “Jeep” was carrying a number of leaders of the organization, From the city of Mayadin to bukamal.

Alliance soldiers captured all the fighters whom was inside those cars, before the two warplanes left the region towards the borders before 1 hour of sunset, the Helicopters was supported by other warplanes also landed on the banks of Gharaneij twon to cover the area from the other side.

Three unidentified civilians were killed on a motorbike on the main road in the targeted area near Salihiyah, the moment of execution after being targeted by Alliance forces.

On the other hand, other helicopters carried out several incursions at different points from the area between Mayadin desert and Duyer. the area was completely covered by a warplanes which did not land on the ground. while ISIS regulation summoned dozens of its members and vehicles towards the road of Bukamal-Mayadin, but they could not reach the landing area Due to heavy fire coverage by helicopters, so that the members of the organization will return later and close almost all Internet cafes in the mentioned area.

According to the correspondent of Euphrates Post, the regulation arrested dozens of its members at the headquarters of the nearby close to Al-Dwir, who were in a house and did not go out to their headquarters, while the operation lasted about 15 minutes before the departure of Alliance,while they didn’t found any bodies of the elements inside the cars.

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