Important field developments witnessed by the battles of “SDF” and “ISIS” east of Deir Ezzor

by Euphratespost

The past 24 hours have witnessed significant field developments on the fifth day of the SDF’s military operation “to eliminate the last bastions of ISIS” in the eastern suburb of Deir al-Zour.
The fiercest battles on Saturday centered around the Al-Bagouz axis, where the town witnessed violent clashes, amid artillery and aerial bombardment of the area between the divided area, the bridge (Al-Hamzat neighborhood, AL-Khalf, near the houses of Sharqawi and Wadi Shuwaikh). Number of houses.
“SDF” In the last few hours I was able to progress in the town but slowly because of the large number of mines on the one hand, and the strong resistance demonstrated by ISIS elements on the other hand.
It was noted today, according to what got the “Euphrates Post” of information, the coalition to follow the policy of cutting some of the roads fire through the warplanes,
The SDF has also opened three axes of the battle in its attempt to infiltrate through which it has managed to reach the public road for several hours. Information indicates that many SDF elements have fled as the fighting intensifies, Losses of the human parties.
With the exception of some raids in support of limited attempts by the SDF to open a battle between the areas of Abul Hassan and Al-Kashmeh in an attempt to advance and seize the Al-Kashmah oil well. There are limited clashes, the results of which are not yet known.
According to the correspondent of the “Euphrates Post” in this area, the limited battles of Hajin may be intended to force the ISIS to flee to the areas of control of the system, through the Euphrates River, where the Hagin area the best crossings, because of the narrowness of the river, Al-Galaa area opposite to Hajin.
It is noteworthy that “SDF” announced last Tuesday dawn, the start of its military operation aimed at controlling the last areas of control “ISIS” east of Deir al-Zour,
With the support of the international coalition, the SDF managed to control the Hawi of the Sousse thus isolating the Baguz from Sousse. But ISIS managed to absorb the attack, counter the SDF and kill and capture a number of its elements.
On Wednesday, the SDF was able to advance in the outskirts of the town of Al-Bagouz al-Fawqani, located on the border with Iraq, and was able to penetrate the Sheikh Hamad neighborhood and concentrate in the preparatory school of Sheikh Hamad,
The clashes took place on Thursday morning between the two sides on the outskirts of the towns of Sousse and Albagouz, amid the targeting of international coalition artillery on the border, ISIS control areas, while the military Airplans did not miss the sky of the region, and receive the “SDF” in these battles.

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