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ISIS Looms for “disorder” between DeirEzzor tribes

by admindiaa



“Exclosive” Euphrates Post
A new disordwe ISIS trying to plant between tribes’s sons in DeirEzzor province eastern Syria, “Al Khair Prefecture” as they say, which is tribal character, where some of them runned ISIS and the other some refused them, those facts pushed ISIS to publish a new visible version under the title “Those Our Fathers” which full of hatred and disorder

“Yusuf Hassan Jarallah” talking in the begining of the version, and he’s as they said, a repentant from nusairy army, talking about his father and how he didn’t care about the origins of islamic religion and he was walking in the wrong road during his life far of the islamic doctrine, and his presence with ISIS made him near to god, as he said. And here we can find out that ISIS wants to make sons revels on their fathers to join ISIS ranks, which is in desperate need of fighters, and this’s a practiced style in the rural societies, where parental authority is practiced on sons

While other four fathers from the countryside appears as a witnesses, their sons was fighters with ISIS, and they were killed during battles between ISIS and regime forces or Protection units of the Kurdish people, in DeirEzzor and Hasaka

Those fathers talked during “Those Our Fathers” version talked about encourage their sons to join ISIS ranks, and they said that they was so happy when they received the news that their sons died during the battles, the regulation invited all the fathers to be like those fathers, and also to push their sons to join the ISIS regulation

ISIS concluded the version by executing four youth civilians from DeirEzzor (eastern and western countrysides) under unclear charges and fake as usual, as if they were immolations to those fathers when they executed them by coldly blood, and shooting them inside mouths useing (Barnou) “an old french gun

ISIS wanted just one thing, promoting hatred between tribes and in DeirEzzor in general and that was the reason of the whole problem, where ISIS closer from some tribes and fought the other some

Moreover ISIS draged them to internal conflicts, to make ISIS control more easy on all over DeirEzzor, where this region known as the tribal composition, and the victims relatives will try to take revenge from the killers even if after a long time, or after ISIS leaving the region, which Leads to an endless tribal war

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