Dozens of regime forces were killed in a “revenge” attack by Iran militia in Al-Bu Kamal

by admindiaa

More than 25 elements of the Assad regime and its local militias were killed in an attack by Iranian militia on the regime’s headquarters in the city of Albukmal in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor.
The information obtained by the “Euphrates Post” from identical sources in the countryside of Deir Ezzor, that two days after the killing of an Iranian officer and other elements in clashes between elements of the regime and its militias,
The Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the Fatimiyan Brigade, the latter launched a reprisal attack that resulted in a large number of deaths from the regime’s forces and militias.
According to the information that the forces of the regime used mortars to bomb the neighborhood of AL-Jameat (the largest headquarters of the Iranian militias in Albukmal), to keep the atmosphere tense currently within the neighborhoods of the city,
In which a curfew was imposed, simultaneous with alertness between the warring parties, amid expectations of renewal at any hour.
According to our sources, the beginning of events and tensions, was in the city of Myadeen two days ago, when clashes broke out near the oven between the militia, “the national defense, And elements of the militia, “the Jerusalem Brigade” backed by Iran, resulting in the deaths of five people on both sides.
The sources added that the escalation moved to Bu Kamal, after elements of the regime and the local militias (National Defense, the military security shield) took control of the neighborhoods of AL-Jameat,AL-Eskan and AL-sinaa in the city of Albu Kamal,
Which was agreed earlier to be affiliated with the Iranian militia, to the latter to bring reinforcements from the “crowd” and “Revolutionary Guard” of the areas of the fields and the Qaim, and toured the streets of the city in a show of force, demanding the forces of the regime to evacuate the city completely.
It is worth mentioning that the city of Albukamal is mostly subject to Iranian militias, which has taken over a number of its neighborhoods, including AL-SINAA, AL-Jameaat, and its residents and their families, and prevented civilians and their indigenous people from approaching them,While the other neighborhoods remained under the control of the regime and its militias, and civilians were allowed to live there under certain conditions (Sukkari and Hamdan allowed civilians to return to the lower neighborhoods only).
With regard to the countryside of Bu Kamal (Salhia, Jalala, Sial, Boqan, Hasrat, Ashair)Iranian militias have prevented all civilians from returning to it, allowing those wishing to visit their homes for specific hours only. After paying 25,000 lira per checkpoint,With the reference that it allowed the residents of the villages of Harri (weeks ago came under Israeli bombardment targeting the headquarters of the Iraqi Hezbollah), and the Shiite on the border with Iraq to return to it.

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