Christian churches demand Kurdish “self-management” to back down from the decision to close the Syriac schools.

by admindiaa


The leaders of the “Christian Churches of the island and Euphrates” in the city of Qamishli confirmed their “categorical” rejection of the Kurdish “self-management” decision to close the schools of the Syriac churches in the Kurdish-controlled areas of Syria.
A statement issued by them, got “Euphrates Post” a copy of it,
However, this decision (the closure of the Syriac Private School in Derek), “a very dangerous message affecting the Christian presence in the region.”
The decision issued by the Kurdish “self-administration” follows similar decisions that closed three Syriac schools in Al-Hasakah on the grounds that they did not obtain the necessary permits and violated the provisions of the Education Authority in the province of the AL-jazzera.
According to the statement issued on Saturday, “the heads and priests of the churches confirmed their categorical rejection of any form of interference or infringement of all the rights of Christians,Under any item or circumstance or form by self-management, and their rejection of attempts to impose licenses or curricula on the schools of the churches, “noting that the schools are no less important than the churches.
According to the statement, “there is no political body or figures, no matter what their characteristics represent, the churches, and they declare their full acquiescence in any agreements, statements or actions by anyone, except the heads of the churches or their representatives, official”.
The participants concluded their statement by calling upon the people of the Church to uphold “the land of parents and grandparents and to believe that these difficult days are coming to an end, and that the responsibility to defend our rights as citizens in this country is a collective responsibility.

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