Documents and information condemning .. How turned “Abu Hatem shakra” to a war trader and supporter of terrorism?

by admindiaa

Euphrates Post obtained information, documents and video recordings proving the involvement of the leader of the “Ahrar Al Sharqiya” group, Abu Hatem shakra, in many crimes and supporting terrorism and abuses over the years, while continuing to commit more of them at present.
The fact that Chakra came after a follow-up and continuous investigation by a network of correspondents and sources inside Syria since the beginning of this year, ie nearly eight months,
As part of a series of investigations conducted by Euphrates Post, on the crimes, transgressions and trade of the war carried out by leaders of military factions opposed to the regime, or figures leading and operating within the militias of the Assad regime, and others in the ranks of “SDF” not to mention the terrorist organizations and extremism.
With the start of the revolution, Shaqra joined the ranks of the Ahrar al-Sham movement, one of the largest factions opposed to the regime, and became a military commander within it.
Pictures of the Shakra before the revolution when he was a worker and a second image at the beginning of the armed movement

During the course of the work, he carried out many abuses, including robbing some civilians of utensils and household items, claiming that they were loyal to the regime at the village of Al-Junaina in the western countryside of Deir Al-Ezzor, and one of the Shiekes of the Baggara tribe intervened at that time And expelled him outside the area.
After the ISIS took control of al-Raqqa, the movement expelled him because of several excesses, including confiscating the cars that were carrying Ahrar al-Sham funds and putting money in his house in the village.
After his expulsion from Ahrar Sham, Shaqra settled in the city of Sarmada in the western countryside of Idlib with a number of arms campaigners who worked with them after the revolution began and tried with many dignitaries and agencies to provide material support to support his group, so that in 2016 to obtain Gulf funding worth about 500000 $ And a number of leaders close to shakra became a tool against civilians in the region. The assembly began to impose royalties and plunder. Money, and “trading” traders.
“Ahrar al-Sharqiya” has been accused of numerous violations, including murder for reprisals, war crimes and attacks on civilians. The last of these was directed against the residents of “Tarhin Camp” in the countryside of Aleppo on 13 May 2019. During the incursion into the camp, Random in conjunction with the targeting of a mortar shell, which led to the killing of a civilian and wounding others,
Under the pretext of the existence of “sleeper cell” for “ISIS”, but the other version, on the part of civilians there, says that the reason for the attack, the owners of “oil burners” refused to pay royalties to “Ahrar al-Sharqiya”, which in turn impose amounts up to 300 thousand
syria pounds For every month, and the excuses and charges of the faction were denied the existence of ISIS elements in the camp. The following video shows an appeal to the people of the camp to stop targeting the camp by the assembly

Detainees, torture and abuse

According to eyewitnesses, the official responsible for the violations and the secret killings is “Thabet al-Hawish”, aka Abu Abdul Rahman al-Sharqiya, who is responsible for the security file in the “Ahrar al-Sharqiya” Through the media platforms last period to give a large number of statements without returning to his past and in the following video shows some methods of torture in the prisons of Ahrar al-Sharqiya.

ed that some elements of al-Sharqiya faction had stabbed three young men of the eastern Ghouta in the city’s “villas” Afrin, one of the young contestants entered intensive care; this is due to the argument turned into a verbal quarrel ended this terrible incident. One of the excesses of the residents of the region where Ahrar al-Sharqiya is spread is the intention of its leader, Abu Hatem Chakra, to house his relatives in luxurious farms and houses in Afrin. In addition, he earned money through royalties and the stolen goods trade, And water pumps, and are usually sold to dealers associated with the platoon, or through intermediaries engaged in brokering,
As documented in the two registrations attached to the leader of “Ahrar Al Sharqiya”, nicknamed “Abu Jaafar Shaqra – Raed Jassim Al-Hayes”. He presents one of the traders with “pumps, generators and laboratory lathes”; Displays to another dealer buying lathes in the door.
Section 1 is for Abu Jaafar Chakra showing the stolen goods for civilians for sale to one of the merchants

Section 2 Olive presses seized by shakra group

Photos from the security headquarters and the collection site of the shops of Ahrar Al-Sharqiya, known as Al-Shehabi Farm in Al-Bab city in the eastern Aleppo countryside

Media also share .. !!

Abu Hatem shakra worked on recruiting a number of media activists to beautify his image and image of his faction. In an interview between Abu Hatem and his cousin, he was part of the media office in Bab al-Bab about bribing the media.
” why was given this Journalist in urfa funds, and a year ago he was revile you in the Tribal Council on the whatapp program of August?”
Abu Hatem replies:
“A journalist like a dog barks with us much better than a journalist barking in our faces”
According to “Euphrates Post” that this media in Urfa, southern Turkey, says in the councils that he is carrying most of the campaigns, “Abu Hatem” media, and has the credit to improvement the image of “Shakra” and his faction.
The other emigrated to Germany for a short time and after continuing with the Shakra for months he returned from there to tell the assembly leader that Europe is a country of Kafr and can not live, but brought from these country two mobile devices and a camera and laptop did not pay anything for the German government.
Not to mention several identifiers on the Tigram owned by the group and is working to distort the image of the whole of the Syrian North except for the Ahrar Al Sharqiya.

Photo 1 of Ibrahim al-Habash during the publication of his book in Turke

Photo No. 2 for the media of the Ahrar Alsharqia Harith Rabah in Germany

Does Shakra represent AL Bagara tribe?

After a poll inside and outside Syria by the “Furat Post” entitled “Does Abu Hatem Chakra represent the Bagara tribe?”
Al-Shakra received only a small percentage, perhaps through the support of his relatives and the narrow circle around him. Evidence of this is the split within the faction, which exceeded 60 percent.
According to some of the respondents, they lived in areas under the control of Ahrar al-Sharqiya, and stressed that the faction did a good start, characterized by its specific operations and harsh blows to the forces of the Assad regime,
And the elements of ISIS and the Kurdish militias, but the decline in his behavior, and took a trend contrary to its revolutionary principles, and increased violations and abuses. It is worth mentioning that Abu Hassan Badr martyrs split from the Free East after Abu Hatem Chakra confiscated all the spoils of the battle of Afrin, as they say and now control Shakra and Abu Hassan Badr martyrs on the amount of 600 thousand US dollars through a jury for the spoils of the battle of Afrin.

A picture of Shakra while lifting the cups he won in a race in the city of Bab

On the other hand, according to information managed by the “Euphrates Post” documented by close to him, Chakra owns authentic Arabian horses valued at 200 thousand US dollars, except for olive presses, farms and real estate here is a video showing some of the original Arabian horses bought by Abu Hatem hundreds of thousands Dollars.

Investments and crossings

“Chakra” has a brother who lives in Germany. A very large “supermarket” was opened, and it is rumored that his source of funding was through Abuhatm, but we could not be sure.
In another context, “Shakra” is described by the inhabitants of the areas where the faction operates as “octopus” because of the number of its work, the most recent of which is the establishment of a political body called the Syrian National Trend. It also financed media networks whose name we do not mention , And its responsibility: that defend its faction and promote the prospect.
Al-Shakra has a strong security battalion ready to kill anyone who is opposed to them within hours or to place a client directly with the Kurds. He also has dozens of security personnel inside Turkey whose job is to

pursue any of his enemies.
The network was able to document the chakra smuggling operations of leaders and elements of the “ISIS” and other civilians in exchange for large sums of money, including those who were introduced to Turkey through the official crossings, as confirmed by the recording shows an Iraqi woman called “mother of Alaa” and demanding the release of her children and her husband Detainees in the prisons of “Ahrar al-Sharqiya”
In this recording, she recalls that she went to Turkish territory through Abu Hatem Chakra and forged Syrian IDs, for $ 100,000, which she was forced to pay after threatening to fabricate the charge of belonging to ISIS. In the next section, the Iraqi woman, Her family with fake Syrian cards.

Smuggling elements of ISIS for money.

We have dozens of stories and evidence that condemn the lack of smuggling leaders of the first row of the state organization Khaser al-Hadawi, one of the leaders of the organization known to the people of Dirazur, who was arrested by the Turkish authorities was Shukra had fled with a false identity for $ 100 thousand Kdalk Majid Suleiman Eid known as Abu Fatima Shanan course In the northern part of the state organization in Deir Ezzor, Al-Shakra smuggled him to the Turkish Orfa after his sister transferred a certain amount of money from the State of Kuwait and we have proof of these incidents, we reserve for publication at the moment.
New ambition for the Shakra

After the leadership of Ahrar Al-Sharqiya and the leadership of the Syrian National Movement and the Syrian North Knight, Al-Shukra presented this year with a high school certificate and succeeded at an average rate of 89%, which is excellent. The initial information that reached us is that Al-Shakra wants to register at the Political Science University in Turkey. We found out that he does not have a degree and that the certificate on which he was registered to examine the secondary certificate is a certificate from the manufacture of counterfeit offices in the city of Bab.

Abu Hatem Chakra raises the ears in the villages of the countryside of Afrin within the battle “olive branch”

elements of ISIS in the group of Ahrar al-Sharqiya

Which does not hide to all the people of the north of Syria that there are dozens of ISIS elements or militants in the ranks of Ahrar Al Sharqiya there are dozens of documents but we will show you the image of one of the elements of the media battalion in Shakra, Abdullah al – Jaashim or Mohammed al – Khabouri, There are more than 20 people or leaders documented by name and this video shows the jihadist elements in Al-Shakra during their orientation to Mnbj early this year.

The photo of Abdullah Ja’ashm, one of the leading ISIS journalists in the province of Raqqa and the name of Muhammad al-Khabouri

Agents in corruption

Abu Hatem was the only man in the faction accused of corruption and abuses of Ahrar al-Sharqiya. Many of his associates and relatives, especially his brothers and relatives, were all nicknamed “Shakra”, including “Abu Walid Shaqra, who is said to have arrived in Britain with money “Said Abu Jaafar Shaqra, head of the economic bureau.” There is also Tawfiq al-Hawish (Abu Abdel Rahman Sharqia) who is directly responsible for the security file inside “Ahrar al-Sharqiya”.
Al-Hoyish was a smuggler of weapons and smoke before the revolution; and as the movement in Syria became more and more violent, he set up a roadblock on the Kharafi highway and the entrance to Deir al-Zour in 2013. He then worked with the Nasser Front in Deir al- In the cells of assassinations with four other people, they have carried out assassinations they have earned a lot of money.
The “Jbhat nusraa” then moved them to the Koniku field in the eastern countryside of Deir Al-Zour to operate oil smuggling in 2014 until the ISIS control there.
After the ISIS took control, the “Mukhtar of the town of Hatlla” took him out; Thabit al-Hawish left for Turkey

. He opened a cafe until 2016. He returned to Slqin in the countryside of Idlib to pledge allegiance to Ahrar al-Sharqiya and participated in violations and crimes against civilians.

Picture 1 Thabet Al – Hweesh – Abu Abdul – Rahman Sharqia

Picture 2 Raed Jassem Al-Hayes, nicknamed Abu Jaafar shakra and cousin Shaqra

Abu Walid Shaqra, brother of Abu Hatem shakra

Threats to the public

No one dares to oppress Shakra, whether inside the Syrian or even in Turkey, Al-Shakra can reach everyone either by his close relations or with his huge sums that may reach millions of dollars. We at the Euphrates Post would like to reveal several topics in this investigation,

Voice-recorded threats from Abu Hatem Chakra and Abu Abdel Rahman Sharqia to the Euphrates Post team are reserved for their offer now but we can offer them to any human rights group.

Threats from Ahrar al-Sharqiyah gathered strong ties with the Turkish state through threatening letters from unknown numbers.

As an information network, we will send all documents to human rights organizations in the coming period after completion.

The first chapter of Ahrar Al – Sharqiya



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