Deir al-Zour falls to more days of great hardship and human pain by Dante Major Nov 1st

by admindiaa

Deir al-Zour falls to more days of great hardship and human pain now challenged with further intensification of the repetition of horror and tragedies. In some ways we have lost the element of surprise, as everything becomes normal and familiar in the shadow cast by the international community as there is more misery to endure. In this harsh time is it as if all blurs into a normal pattern sealed in a perpetual numbness. Nothing moves us out of the resigned silence not even if a terrible genocide of thousands of people is evidenced before us all in this land and for the global community to see. No one shouts out in pain anymore as we see the displacement of an entire city, or the wreck of a burning city and its people. It is as if there is no way out of this horrific difficult challenging time. Lives that were once happy and with some dignity now wrecked and wretched. Poor in their losses to be embraced only by the storms of death. Storms that tear at the earth and fill the sky in the shadow of the increased dictatorship of another’s evil mind fixed on death and destruction. Unable to listen to the call of the people but rather to shut out their cries with a battering and suffocation of more death and destruction. For many years now of this war the city of Deir al Zour and it countryside have been subjected to total annihilation. Violent and unprecedented shelling of all types of weapons, rockets and cruise missiles from the sea. Yes even the death and destruction comes from a faraway sea, no place to hide as co-ordinates are fixed and lead their path of death to the heart of our land.
It is like history repeating itself from ancient times for this is not the first time the river Euphrates has been soaked in the blood of its people. This land of rich heritage brought others who wished it to be theirs and attacked with such fervour. Shapur I, the Sassanian king from ancient Persia invaded and destroyed the city of Dora Orobos. Now the blood and the death is from attacks by Russian and Iranian forces in coalition with the Syrian regime. Their might reinforced with Kurdish and Arab forces in a wider international coalition. A fierce war against another invading criminal organisation the world calls Daesh. Yes an oppressive regime that came with barbaric examples of death to exert control. But the horrors of the Assad regime remains a constant threat to all that challenge its control too. The remaining civilians still in fear. Liberation from Daesh becomes only partial liberation as they fall again in the hands of the Assad regime. The civilians in their desperation to find a place of peace have fled the city. A city now inhabitable from the intensity of airstrikes. The broken infrastructures bearing no resemblance to the beauty it once had. A destroyed carcass upon carcass of buildings that once held the live and love of families now desperate to flee.
Approximately 350,000 people from nearby cities and rural areas make their exodus to safety that seems elusive in this ravaged land. The city since 2014 has seen violent confrontations and resistance which fell to the dark control of strict laws imposed by the criminal gang of oppressors. The people falling between the swords and the strict laws of the criminal group Daesh and the death machine of the Syrian regime. As the war against the so called terrorist escalated there came a rotation of shifts of attacks from Russian warplanes in the morning and the warplanes of the International Coalition in the evening to take the lives of civilians. The Syrian regime, the Russian forces, the Iranian forces and the mercenaries began launching the biggest campaign against the city of Deir al-Zour from the south. The Syrian Democratic Forces, in cooperation with the international coalition, launched attacks from the north on the eastern and western Deir es-Zour villages. The Russian warplanes committed the worst massacres against c

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